Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile

Thursday, July 16, 2015

May 18, 2015 - Real Rapanui

hola familia y amigos,

This week was a lot of fun, but it started out a little slow.

On Tuesday my foot got operated on. I had an ingrown toenail, so they had to take it out. I was in the house on Tuesday and Wednesday, but because we had some down time, I got to read a lot of church talks, and Elder E and I wrote a song about Easter Island. it was fun, but I was pretty ready to leave the house after two days trapped inside.

On Thursday, we got to work like normal, and it was an awesome day. in the afternoon we met M and his family. He was one of the first people we contacted here on Easter Island, and he was very nice. This time he was home and had some time, so he let us in. We taught him about the Restoration, and he had some awesome questions, and he said he would read the Book of Mormon. He didn't want to pray though, which was a little sad. He didn´t know how to, so we taught him, and we'll see what happens next with him.

After M., we met M.. She used to receive the missionaries a lot, but these past 6 months she has gone through a rough separation. We found her, and she was very nice, and we offered to do a service project for her. Here on Easter Island, we do a lot of service and it works really well, so people want to listen to us.

After M we went to try and teach a young man we had contacted and we found a lady outside of his house yelling at a tree. We realized that it wasn't the tree that was the problem, but it was her cat that was stuck in the tree. The tree was a palm tree, and it had no branches to climb. We helped her tape together some broom handles and a bucket with salami in it to lower the cat down, but the cat wouldn't come down. She actually called the fire department and they helped get the cat down, but she was really impressed that we helped her so she said "stop by my house any day you want". 

on Friday we were looking for people from the area book and we knocked a door where this lady came out and called us antichrists. that was fun. I was thinking "what is it that I have ever done in my life that would lead someone to think I was an antichrist". thankfully the answer to that question is nothing.

After that we had a ward activity where we played soccer on a real soccer field with synthetic turf. The smell brought me right back to Bothell Football days. I was the goalie and I did a really good job! That means I was eternally branded as goalie whenever I play soccer here.

On Saturday we did the service project for M. We were pulling these giant weeds for 3 hours, and it was so tiring. that same day we also met an Argentinian who showed us a triple that a missionary had given to him 2 years ago. we were talking with him, and he said "you're from the church of Jesus Christ?" "I have a book from you guys". he is pretty Catholic, but he still seems very nice and likely to listen to us at some point.

On Sunday, I taught the gospel basics class. We also stopped by the house of the lady that had her cat stuck in a tree, and she told us right away to come in. her name is D and she was very nice, which was refreshing because that whole afternoon no one had let us in. 

That was my week, and Elder E and I are doing well here. Easter Island is completely different from Santiago, so we are still getting used to how things are here, but we know that we are what God wants us to, and we know that our message is the most important thing in the world.


Elder Williams

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