Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile

Thursday, July 16, 2015

June 29, 2015 - A Little Under the Weather

Buenas dias buenas tardes familia y amigos,

This week was a great week that was full of the Spirit and fun. On Tuesday we were able to teach T, a recent convert here on the Island, and his sister J. J has been going to church and participating with the missionaries for a while, and when we arrived to teach them, they were having some family problems. they were fighting a little bit as a family. We taught them afterward and as we shared our testimonies of the work that the Lord has in store for the two of them here in the island. J said that she really felt the Spirit strong enough to recognize it, and now she is seriously considering baptism. 

On Wednesday, we were able to visit L in the afternoon. he is a little discouraged because he hasn't been able to work for the past 3 weeks. We taught him about the Sabbath day and how the Lord promises that the abundance of the earth will be ours if we keep the Sabbath day holy and go to church. He went to church this Sunday, and I know the Lord will bless him for it.

That night, during our dinner time, we made brownies for L and his girlfriend M
 and we stopped by to share a message and dessert. It was a nice lesson, and they were very thankful.

On Thursday we were in the house all day because Elder E woke up sick, and it was raining a ton, so it wasn't the best idea to go outside. I spent the day cleaning the house and reading the scriptures, so it was nice to learn more about the New Testament.

On Friday, we had an awesome lesson with B. She is a recent convert in the church, and was inactive for about 8 months, but now she has started going to church again. She stopped going to church a while ago because she didn't want to pay tithing. She told us that a lot of people from the church had come to teach her to pay tithing. Some had even shouted at her to pay it. The Spirit doesn't work like that. We shared our testimonies about tithing, and I shared the story about L and C. when they started paying tithing they saw more miracles. When they didn't have enough food, they would discover flour and rice hidden away in their cupboards. L received a raise in his job. L was now just given the opportunity to study law! After sharing this experience B said "Ok now I understand. I will pay tithing" we were pretty pumped!

on Sunday, a family from Chicago visited the church, and all three of them father, mother and son bore their testimonies (they were all also RMs and two had served in Guatemala and the other in Chile). they were awesome, and they are headed to Valdivia in two weeks, so watch out Meli! 

We got to teach a man named R yesterday. He is a naturalist, but he ended the lesson with a question, "I just want to know why there is evil in the world?" We have an appointment set up for this next week.

One of the things that R mentioned is that he wasn't sure if Jesus really is the Christ. He looked at him as a teacher, but not the Son of God. if there is anyone who has this doubt, I would ask you to go to the scriptures. Look at the miracles He preformed, the prophecies He fulfilled, the pains He suffered, the love He showed and the death He conquered. He is the Christ, the Son of the living God, and He has not ceased in His work on the earth. He has His church here on the earth, and He is calling his younger brothers and sisters to come unto Him. I know that this is His gospel that I am sharing.


Elder Williams

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