Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

July 20, 2015- Baptism

hola familia y amigos!!!!

This week was awesome because it ended with J's baptism!!!

During this week we were knocking a lot of doors and teaching J everything she needed to know before this Saturday, but there are a few things to report before the baptism.

On Wednesday, our land lord, Hanana, wanted to take us to the country part of the island before she took off to the United States on Sunday, so we went with her and showed the island to Elder A we visited the Moai factory and then we went fishing. I caught 3 big ones (picis se llaman) and they were super tasty. We ate them for dinner the next day.

On Thursday we visited J, who is a less active member here on the island. She is into her 70´s and when we visited her she asked if we could come back the next day to do a service project. We came back Friday and raked leaves for her.

On Friday, we ate lunch at B´s house. She is a recent convert that we are reactivating. We ate lunch with her and had to explain about the church´s stance on plural marriage. There is a show that everyone watches here called "Case Closed" and they had a couple that came on, said they were Mormons, and then had a Judge Judy- like battle because the man had 3 wives because supposedly it was a commandment. B was the 5th person that asked us about the show. We had to explain that even though they said they were Mormons they were not and they belonged to a different sect.

On Saturday we had J's baptism. There were a ton of people that came. We invited the whole branch and almost everyone came. There were about 30 people that came. Considering that there are only about 15 people that come to church regularly it was a good turn out. 

J was super happy with how it turned out. She was baptized in Tehai which is right next to big Moai. The day was beautiful and the water was calm. We were all really happy. After the baptism we had a big party at her house and the whole branch came. It was great because it gave us a chance to have the ward members know the rest of her family that aren´t members.

Yesterday we had J's confirmation and we spent the rest of the afternoon knocking doors. We got to have a lesson with A, who is a less active member and we are going to help Alex get back into the swing of things.

It was a great week for us, and we are so happy with J's decision. She really has a strong testimony, and it was made possible through the Book of Mormon. That book changes lives. I invite all of you to study it and really ponder about what it says. It is the proof that God loves all of his children, and that he communicates with them.

"J" and her family

Elder Williams 

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