Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile

Thursday, July 16, 2015

July 6, 2015 - Niño Maravilla (Alexis Sanchez)

Iorana familia y amigos,

First off, let me give a huge shout out to Evan and Lizzie who are going to be having their first child (my first nephew) on Wednesday! It will be a great birthday present to my dad who has his birthday on the same day!

This week was pretty crazy because it was Elder M's last week on the Island and the last week of his mission starts today. This morning we dropped him off at the airport and said goodbye to him. He will be missed, and he has been a great missionary and servant of the Lord here on the Island.

I'm just going to tell about what happened this weekend because all of the most important events happened in the past 48 hours.

Saturday morning we went to work at the cemetery here on Easter Island. The church teamed up with the city to do a service project and clean the cemetery. They gifted us a lunch afterwards, which was steak and bread and sausage. In the afternoon we visited our investigator A, whose brother passed away last week, and he invited us to come to a kuranto. we went to visit him there, and he gave us more steak to eat, and steak to take to the house. That night we held a surprise goodbye party for Elder M, and we ate more meat and fish there. There was a lot of meat this weekend!

The island was pretty happy Saturday as well because Chile won the American Cup. That is the first time they have won, and they beat Argentina, with whom they always lose. Everyone was driving their cars around and honking their horns and waving flags. We had to hide inside because it wasn't too safe for missionaries on bikes.

Sunday morning, we had some surprises in the church. first is that an ex missionary that served in Elder E´s ward about 10 years ago, came to church! She is a teacher and was taking a tour of Chile with 3 girls from her school. She knew Elder E  when he was about 8 years old, so she was thrilled to see him again.

Also, the recently released mission president from Santiago Este came to our ward. he and his wife wanted to visit Easter island before heading home to the states. it was a real help to our ward, and we had a lot of people bearing their testimonies this sunday!

in the afternoon Alberto called us again to eat lunch at his house. it was more steak. we got to teach him this time and he told us that he has some doubts about the word of wisdom, so we invited him to pray about and ask god if it really is one of His commandments.

After that, we got to take the sacrament to Bro. C. He is an older man in our branch who isn't able to go to church for his health. We arrived and he pulled out a bag with a cloth, a plate, and pansito, and told us that he was waiting for us. L is awesome

that night, we had a lesson with Tonga, a recent convert in the branch, and his sister Jake. Jake has been participating more in the church, and last night she pulled out her calendar and she said "Yeah, I want my baptism on this date"! she chose her own baptismal date, and it is coming up quick. I dont want to mention it for bad luck. she was beaming after she said that and it was awesome because she recognizes that she has received her answer.

It was a real blessing this Sunday because the mission president that visited with his wife (Brother and Sister Wright) were already known to me. During the devotional we had in Santiago with Elder Nelson in November, this mission president bore his testimony about the Restoration. It was so strong, and I remember sitting in that room and feeling the spirit of the Restauration. I have always looked to that moment as an example of how to teach and testify. His testimony is one of the strongest examples I have of the power of the message we teach. It was great to have the opportunity to thank this mission mission president for his testimony and bear mine to him in sacrament meeting.

Before I end, I just want to bear my testimony that I know that this church is true, and that God has not stopped talking with His children. He talks with prophets, and He talks with us as well. I know we can hear Him as we read the scriptures and as we pray.


Elder Williams

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