Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile

Thursday, July 16, 2015

July 13, 2015 - Lluvia

Hola familia y amigos,

I need to start out with a huge shout out to nephew #1 Christopher Rob Williams who was born this week. I was waiting anxiously the whole week to see his photos, and it was worth the wait because he is the cutest baby in the world! Congrats to Evan and Lizzie!

On Monday we said goodbye to Elder M. which was sad because he has really helped the branch here in the Island grow.

On Tuesday we got to do a service project for P and J. We teach english to them, and they asked if we could help them in their garden. We were chopping off dead palm leaves with a meat cleaver (because they didn't have a machete).

On Wednesday the new missionary arrived!!! His name is elder A. He is from Farmington, Utah. He was actually a friend of Elder S in Junior high school, so it´s cool to see them back together again as companions in the mission. Elder A is really awesome and a hard worker, and was really excited when he arrived.

That night, we had a soccer game. I was the goalie again, but I don't think I´ll be playing anymore for what happened. It turns out that while we were playing I rushed up to grab the ball, but in the process one of the other players hit me in the head with his knee, so I actually got knocked out for about 15 seconds. I woke up with everyone standing around me and looking down at me. I didnt remember what happened, so I went to the hospital, but they told me everything was ok!

On Friday we spent the afternoon preparing a powerpoint presentation for a family history activity we are going to do here on the island. We are going to teach the members how to use Family Search and we are going to mix it with a cultural night as well with music and food. Its going to be a lot of fun.
Service project at the cemetery

On Saturday we had a service project in the morning with our land lord. After that we left to teach english to V. Tuesday morning we were studying the scriptures and we see that there was a woman who came up the stares to our porch. Elder S answered the door and she told him that she was looking for the Mormon missionaries so they could teach her English. She was pretty concerned about learning, so we set up a day to go and teach here. She is very nice and very religious, and we have another appointment with her to teach English and the gospel this week.

we are thinking that we are going to start up english classes again. here on the island, learning english is very useful for tourism and it is a great way to get to know people and teach them as well. people contact us in the street to ask about english classes.

Saturday night, a storm passed through the island, so we had to hide in the house, because it was dangerous. the storm raged through the night and kept going through church. not a lot of people came to church because it was so bad. 

Sunday in the afternoon, we visited T which is a less active member that we have been helping. It was her birthday, so we came with her favorite dessert and the Relief Society President to celebrate with her. She commented to us during the week that she is waiting for a visit from the sisters in the church. Mission accomplished!

Sunday night, we taught J with the H. Rapu family. We taught them in them in the church and we talked about the Sabbath day, obedience, and obey and honor the laws of countries. We have a lot to teach J. in a short time, and it can be difficult to throw so many commitments and doctrine at one person in such short time. She is doing well, but has some butterflies for her baptism.

The work here in the island requires a lot of patience. We have a lot of responsibilities to fulfill with the church and sometimes it doesn't leave us with a lot of time for missionary work. We are doing the best we can because we know who we are serving. We serve the Lord Jesus Christ. We don't do everything perfect but we are trying to get better because through Him we can.


Elder Williams

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