Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Feb 16, 2015- Renca la Lleva

hola familia y amigos,

this week was a ton of fun, now let me tell you why...

on tuesday we had a very fun day. we were working hard in the morning talking with lots of people and we made completos for lunch. I think when I get home I am going to open the first completo shop in Seattle, because I make pretty good completos.

we found out shortly before lunch that my previous zone leader, Chad Newey, who recently finished his mission, was long boarding at his house and fell, and ended up in the hospital in a very grave condition, so the mission president called a mission wide fast for Chad Newey, who we have heard is now doing better.

we also taught a new young woman named F. She is 20 years old, and we talked to her a couple of weeks ago, and she told us that she used to meet with the missionaries. we stopped by her house this week, and we started to teach her, and we asked her how long she had been visited by the other missionaries and she said "a couple of months and then 1 month after my baptism". that is something funny that happens in Chile, the people sometimes forget to tell us that they are baptized when they first meet us. we hope we can help F come back to the church and enjoy the happiness that the gospel brings to those that live it.

on Wednesday, I had an intercambio with elder Sandberg. Elder Sandberg is from las Vegas nevada. he is a convert to the church, and it turns out that I actually know his girlfriend from EFY. we hit it off and worked hard that day. we found a less active member family with a lady who would not stop talking to us. Chileans love to talk, and Missionaries love to work, so it is difficult and requires patience to find a way to leave the house of a talkative chilean.

we met with R that night. he is a Haitian man that we have been teaching. he is awesome. he says he wants to come to church and read the book of mormon so he can understand more, because he likes how he feels when we teach him. we invited him to be baptized which he accepted, but he doesn't feel ready enough to accept a baptismal date, so we are working on that with him. I love the reaction of people when we invite them to be baptized. the faith of the people here is strong, and they often accept the invitation to be baptized, but when we suggest that they set a goal to be baptized in 5 weeks, they usually reply "that fast?". its a fun life being a missionary.

we were in a trio with Elder Tibbits untill his new companion elder Arce arrived. we visited C that day and her daughter F taught us how to take blood pressure.

on Friday we left with some haitain investigators to help them get a marriage date. it turned out that one of them is illegal because she has been here more than 4 months, so we were in the centro of the city the whole morning waiting in lines and wading through red tape. we have to go back at the end of the month to help them finish.

Saturday we cleaned the church building and we taught E. E is having a hard time keeping the sabbath day holy. she owns a little market and she feels like she cant close it on Sundays to go to church. we are trying to invite her to exercise her faith and know that the lord will bless with what she needs, but she still isn't ready to take that step. prayers for E.

Sunday, R came to Church! it doesnt look like he understood everything that happened, but he said he liked it. he only stayed for the first hour, so we will talk with him later this week to see if he liked it.

that was pretty much the week in a nut shell. thank you all for your letters, and prayers. I hope you all had an awesome valentines day, because I spent mine with a peruvian man.

I want to share my testimony that I know this church is true. I know Jesus Christ is our savior, and I am trying every day to serve him to show my love for Him.


Elder Williams

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