Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile

Saturday, April 25, 2015

March 2, 2015- Apostol

hola familia y amigos,

this week was a lot of fun, and it is starting to cool down here a little in the morning so we are pretty happy.

on wednesday we were working in the night time, and we invited a young man from the ward to come with us. his name is M. we had a ton of appointments that night, and all but one fell through. M. was very nice about it, and we decided to pass by the house of R. M is Chilean and R is Haitian, so it was cool to see R and M interact because Haitians dont usually talk with Chileans.

on thursday I had another intercambio with elder Tibbits. we taught a less active woman who had many dogs in her house. we also made tacos for lunch. we have been having to make lunch for ourselves these past two weeks, and we are starting to run out of ideas.

in the period of about 2 minutes that day, 3 lessons fell through. I was visiting a person that we had an appointment with and while they were telling me that they couldn't meet with us, two people called me to tell me the same thing. that was a little lame.

we had a nice lesson with O and A. they are going to Talca this weekend so they didn't go to church. on thursday night we taught them the 10 commandments with the family of M. it was a fun time, and the mom of the family made bread for us!

on Friday we had another good appointment with Y and we invited a different young man who is also named M to come with us. it was awesome when M came because Y and her sister B said that it was amazing to see a young man like M who wasn't in the street smoking drugs like all the other boys his age. it was the example of M that stood out to the investigators, so I would say to the young men and young women within reach of this email: your example is the greatest testimony you have, and dont be afraid to go with the missionaries to show it to people who want it.

on Friday night there was an elders quorum activity, and oscar came to it. they taught about temples and the class was really awesome. O really wants to get sealed with his family, he is just waiting to get married first so Acan get baptized and then they can go to the temple.

this week was a rough week to find people until saturday and sunday. we were working hard the whole week, setting up appointments and calling people, but a lot of people didnt have time for us or didnt open the door (even though I clearly see they are watching TV inside!) but on saturday morning we found P. he was the second door we knocked in the morning, and he came out with his big tattooed arms, and we started talking to him about that, and he said "do you want to come in". naturally we came in and we taught him the restoration and he said he would pray and read, so we will see what happens there.

on Sunday we stopped by a reference we received and we found L and J. they are a young couple that arent married, and they have 3 kids. they were busy working on their house, but they still let us come in to share our message. they are a family with a lot of faith, and it was awesome to teach them. I remember J saying "all I want is to be able to live with God again" and L said "what I want is to be with my family for the longest time possible." the lesson was awesome and we hope that they will be around for the next appointment we have with them.

no one came to church today...bummer, but next week will be better. we found out that in our stake an apostol will come in april, so we are excited about that and hoping that we wont get changed this cambio. also a missionary recently returned in our ward, so it was fun to see his face when he saw his old ward after two years. (he looked very scared. I wonder If i will be like that when I get back).

I am really learning to love the mission, and I am working hard to demonstrate my love for the lord. I love my savior Jesus Christ. He has heard my cries thousands of times and I hope that he is pleased with my service.


Elder Williams 

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