Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile

Saturday, April 25, 2015

April 13, 2015- Esta Semana

hola familia y amigos,

bueno, this week was still a lot of fun, but we didnt get to spend a lot of time our sector again for all of the meetings and rehearsals we have, but hey, its all good. we are just craving some time to be able to study, because we have had to travel in the morning and we havent been able to study preach my gospel a ton, so that has been rough this week. in the end it will all be worth the pain, because elder Oaks will be visiting our mission this weekend, and he will be visiting my stake center which is in our sector. we feel so blessed, and we are going to be working hard, so lots of people come to church.

on tuesday we taught C again. he is really awesome. he was able to read the pamphlet we left with him but he didnt read the book of mormon (thats like only eating the bread at restaurant before the food arrives). he said he would read this week. he is very genuine and he said he really wants to know if it is true. so we are hoping he has followed through.

on Thursday we spent a lot of the afternoon in the valle de lo campino. it is very crazy there because it is basically an american neighborhood that got uprooted out of the united states and placed in chile. there are lots of really wealthy people that live there, and there was no one there during the day. also, the people there dont often open the door for us. there are some awesome members there though, and there are a lot of ward leaders in our sector which is a huge blessing for us.

that night we taught some haitians with D. D is the best, and always has time to visit people with us and explain the lessons in Kreol. we taught P who is heavily involved in his church, and the lesson became a big debate for him. that happens to us a lot. a lot of people just want to talk with us and learn about the religion. do they want to make changes in their lives? maybe. usually its a no to that question. we pray and try with all of are might to teach with the spirit so people feel the truth of our message and the desire to live what we teach. that is our prayer as missionaries that is always in our hearts.

on Friday we, the missionaries of the ward lo campino, hosted a ward family home evening. C and C were the only people from our sector that came. we invited everyone, but we weren't able to bring them to the activity because we had to get there way early to set up. the message was about apostles to prepare the ward for the visit of elder Oaks.

on Saturday there weren't that many people in our english class, but one of the haitians that we taught there came to church the next day with D. we taught R. that night and she told us that she read the book of mormon. she doesn't feel like she has received an answer yet, but she basically told us the story of nephi and she understands everything she reads. she is doing really well, and we hope that she will get her answer soon.

yesterday was an awesome fast and testimony meeting. the spirit was really strong there, and it was awesome for R to see that because she really did feel something different there. we learn that there are 3 things that help people stay connected with the holy ghost. prayer, scripture study, and church attendance. we hope that investigators are doing all of the following, and as they do it, they fell the influence of the spirit telling them that the church is true.

I know that this is the church of Jesus Christ. I came here to serve Him, and I am trying to do want He wants. I am trying to make His will mine. it is very hard because I am very week, but He´s perfect so he helps me do it.


Elder Williams

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