Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile

Saturday, April 25, 2015

March 30, 2015- We are Tired and Happy

hola familia y amigos,

to describe this week I have to quote the missionaries from the TV show the district "Iv'e never been this tired, but yet, I´m just really happy". We are very tired, and we are very happy,

on Tuesday we finally found someone to give us lunch in the ward. we are paying a less active sister to make us lunch everyday, so we don't have to cook anymore. we are very happy now. in the night we had our weekly coordination meeting with the ward mission leader, and we have to plan a ward family home evening to prepare the ward for the visit of an apostle (who is going to be Elder Oaks). 

on Wednesday we got to meet N and F. they are investigators that the other missionaries had been teaching before. we finally found them on accident. my companion was knocking doors and found them in a different house than the one that we have knocked 4 times to find them. they are really awesome. they told us that two weeks ago they just set the date to get married, so that will be cool. we are working with Fabian so he can get an answer about the book of Mormon. they are both really nice.

on Thursday we had interviews with the president. they went well. interviews with the president are very relaxed. we talked about cleaning the chapels for about 10 minutes and then we talked about my reading of the book of mormon. it´s nice to not have to worry about more serious things in interviews with the president.

that night M, a priest from the ward, came with us to visit some people. we visited C and C and we helpèd them with their my family booklets. it turns out that M is actually a family history specialist, so he really helped us out too. M is going to be a great missionary. that really is the best preparation for the mission--leave with the missionaries.

on friday we did a service project for a brother in our ward. he is an accountant in tax season, so we volunteered to help him out, and we cleaned out his patio and killed more than a hundred spiders in the process. 

we also had a lesson with M and G, our ward mission leader came with us. it was an awesome lesson. I love to hear members testify in the lessons, because it shows that the missionaries aren't the only people who know that these things are true.

on Saturday we taught english. about 6 people showed up, so it was a little class, but we are going to publicize more, and hopefully more will come. we mainly taught about pronunciation, and how to introduce yourself, and it will get more advanced later on.

on Sunday only R went to church. M wanted to go to church and see the baptism there was that day, but there were some serious personal problems that got in the way so he couldn't see it. this sunday MB got baptized. I started the teaching with Elder Huarca, and it was cool to see her get baptized. R stayed around to see the baptism as well, so that was awesome. 

this week truly was a lot of fun, and a lot of work. we are excited for conference this weekend, and we invite all of you to participate. we hope that you also share thanks to Him video that is on the church website in all of your Facebook, twitter, and google plus feeds or what ever social network cites there are these days.


Elder Williams

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