Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Feb 23, 2015- Qualquier Intercambio

hola familia y amigitos,

this week was a lot of fun. on Wednesday we had a zone conference that was a lot of fun. we are really focusing on how to work better with the leaders of the church here in chile. we had great classes on how to help those members of the church who haven't gone in a while and how to help those that have recently converted to the church stay in the church. we got back that night and had a lesson with M. Manuel is the only member of his family who is not a member of the church. he almost always goes to church, but he still feels like he is missing something to get baptized. we are going to try to work with him so he can receive a testimony of the book of mormon so he knows the church is true. he understands a lot of what we teach because his son often teaches him when we arent.

on thursday I went to the sector of the zone leaders. I spent the day with Elder Cifuentes from xela guatemala (where my dad served), and it was a fun time. we visited one of his investigators, R, who is trying to quit smoking. the sector of elder cifuentes is very flite or in other words ghetto. it has one of the most dangerous apartment complexes in the mission. dont worry mom, we didnt go in there, but we were close. 

in the morning we made a ton of pancakes because we needed to eat a big breakfast. why did we need a big breakfast? because we gave blood that day. there is a member of the church who needed blood to give to the blood bank, so she could take some of her type out, and she asked that the missionaries donate blood. we did it. i wasnt the biggest fan of the experience, but I got free juice and cookies out of it.

right after my interchange with elder cifuentes I went right a way to an interchange with elder Tibbits in his sector. I was there with him, and we ended up walking a little bit because we were trying to find a reference he received. Elder Tibbits and I had  a lot of fun. we are both very similar in personality.

saturday was a great day. we worked really hard friday. we spent all the morning and afternoon looking for new people to teach, and no one let us in. no one set up an appointment with us either. ooohhh it was so much fun. I like talking with new people. its fun to here their stories and see a glimpse of their lives. we taught R at night but he doesn't feel ready to set a baptismal date. he feels like he will need lots of time to be sure, but we are hoping that as he prays to know that the book of mormon is true, he will be able to feel the reassurance from God that this is the right path for him.

yesterday just O and A went to church which is great! but we were expecting more. yesterday we were knocking in the apartments in our sector, and we finally found a new investigator. his name is P and he is also from Haiti. he wants to go to the united states, and he also wants to learn english so we will try to help him with that as well. it was a little funny how we found him. usually we just try to knock the doors that have evidence that someone really is home. this means an open window, or the door itself is open or there are lights or music or TV inside. we looked up on the third floor of the building and we saw a very angry dog that was growling at us. it went and hid at the end of the hallway, and i decided that I would try to knock the door at the other end of the hall. as i got closer it started to growl and look at me but stayed there. I knocked on the door, and P came out, and let us in as the dog was getting closer to us. not even a mean dog can stop the work of the lord.

I learned a lot this week and I had a lot of fun. it was weird to be out of my sector for so long, and I was missing elder Huarca and our investigators while I was away. I am so glad to be a missionary. I am really learning to love the mission. there are some lame parts, but they just make the sweet parts sweeter. I know that this is the work of the Lord, and I am doing all I can to serve Him.


Elder Williams

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