Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile

Saturday, April 25, 2015

April 6, 2015- Conferencia y Feliz Pascua

hola familia y amigos,

this week was very spiritual for us wasn't it? we had conference and Easter and it was just the best.

on Tuesday i had another choir practice to attend, and it sounds like we are going to be ready for the conference with elder Oaks when he comes. that same day something funny happened to us, that Im pretty sure happens to almost every missionary in south america. we knocked a door to visit a person we had an appointment with and a little boy answered and he said "my mom´s not here". this little boy was about two years old. we were pretty sure that no mother would leave their two year old son completely alone. we asked "are you here alone". he said yes. we then said "ask your mom when we can come back". he dissappeared for a second and came back and said "she says 5 oclock". I just love little kids.

We had a lesson with M that day. he had been working all day and was falling asleep on us. he also didn't go to conference this sunday when he said he would. we are trying to see if his interest can become conversion so keep praying for him. 

on Wednesday we had a zone conference. it lasted the whole day, but we learned some awesome things. we talked about the importance of ministering because it is impossible to transfer faith from one person to another. we also talked about the my family pamphlet. the mission president asked all of the 80 missionaries there who had their pamphlet complete. there were only two that stood up, and I was one of them, and it turns out the only two in the mission that have it completed. thanks mom for sending me the info!

we had another awesome lesson with C C, and R, and we invited a nearby member to come with us, K. it was a great lesson. we are really working so our investigators have a testimony of the book of mormon. we had K share his testimony about the book of mormon and R committed to reading it and praying about it. 

on Friday in the morning we visited the bishop who expressed to us his concerns about the families and marriages in the ward. he expressed to us that baptisms were not that important to him, so that´s something that a missionary never wants to hear, but we received a list of people to visit to help them with their families and marriages so we can help him out. being a bishop would be hard, so we are going to help him out. 

Conference weekend was the best, and easter too. my companion hid easter eggs for me!!!! he is the best! I shined his shoes for him while he was in the shower. we went to conference and it was awesome! we got to watch it in english, because our mission president wants us to hear it in our own language. we were also able to set up a room to listen in french, and the Haitians from the stake could here conference in their own language as well. they were all very happy to hear that there will be a temple in Haiti. they were thrilled, and very thankful that they could listen to conference here in Chile like they would in Haiti. actually, we had a Haitian investigator named J that came to conference. he arrived late, but just in time for the talk when they mentioned the growth of the church in Haiti. we asked him how he liked the conference, and he said he wants to come to church next week as well. awesome!

I really love the themes in conference of the resurrection of our Savior. I love how Elder Holland explained our desperate need for a perfect being to literally Save us. I am so thankful for my Savior Jesus Christ. I know that here in the mission I too am a unprofitable servant and that it is the Lord that is directing the work here. it is after all that we do that we see His graceful hand reveal His blessings. I know that He lives, and that this church is His. the restored gospel is what brings us to Him, and we work hard so other people know it too.


Elder Williams

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