Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile

Saturday, April 25, 2015

March 23, 2016- Miracles

hola familia y amigos,

this week was a lot of fun, and we really saw the hand of the Lord guiding us this week.

on Tuesday I went to the office of the mission in the morning to practice a musical number because an apostle is going to come 19 de abril to visit our mission and then visit my stake. I got to see Elder Muñoz there because he will be playing the violin. it was awesome to see him. he goes home this transfer and he is starting to freak out a little bit. 

when I got back from that we were knocking a lot of doors, and we decided to stop by a recent convert´s house. we knocked the door, and a new face appeared. her name is R and she is the sister of the recent convert. she just arrived here from Peru. we taught her with the recent converts, C and C and it went really well. she has a baptismal date set in May, and we invited her to church this sunday.

on Wednesday we had district class, and we ate lunch. I ate some lentejas that really did a number on my stomach, but everything turned out ok. that day Elder Farnsworth and I fasted so we could find more people to teach. in the evening we taught E who has two sons who are not members of the church. they have listened to missionaries before, but they just don't have the desires to go to church so we will see what happens there. the two sons who are twins are G and I.

on Thursday, I had an interchange with elder Cifuentes in lo matta. we spent most of the day in a part that was a little dangerous, but nothing happened. when we arrived though, there was a fight that was going on in the street, and when we came home that night it was still happening. when the people in the street fight here, they usually just yell swear words at each other. they don't really fight, they just scream at each other all day. Elder Cifuentes basically taught himself kreol, so he teaches a lot of Haitians. I felt like I did at the beginning of my mission because I did not understand what was happening in the lessons.

on Friday we performed an act of service. we were coming back from working to eat dinner, and there was a little girl who was talking with the guard at the apartment door. she said that her hampster fell, and the guard asked if we could look into it. we followed the girl to this giant box that was next to a park. it was the container of an underground generator. there was a little hole in the box that the hamster had climbed into and it had fallen about 12 feet into the room of the generator. Elder Farnsworth and I opened the trapdoor on top, and I climbed in and chased down the hamster in the dark, and we returned it to the little girl. We felt like super heroes!

on Saturday in the morning we taught a less active member, and her son walked in who isnt a member of the church, and for the first time in his life he listened to us. his name is M and he is 22. is really awesome and smart, so we hope he will be there next week.

on Sunday M, one of our investigators with a baptismal date came to church, and R came too! we were so happy. the Lord really blessed us for our Ayuno (our fast). we feel so blessed this week. Sunday in the afternoon we had members that came with us, and we taught 4 new people with members. it was the best Sunday I have seen in the mission. 

the Zone leaders have set up goals for members of the zone, and this week we completed all of them, so we will get a chocolate bar on Thursday to reward us. YES! CHOCOLATE!

this was a great week, and we can testify that the Lord is in charge of this work. we would fail miserably if it was just us working, but the Lord really revealed his hand to us this week.


Elder Williams

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