Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile

Saturday, April 25, 2015

April 20, 2015- LOST!!!!

hola familia y amigos,
Elders Williams & Farnsworth

today are transfers and after only one change in my new sector I am headed to another area. it is a little far away. actually it is very far away. I will be serving on Easter Island. it is the island that has the giant head statues. I am taking a 5 hour flight over the ocean and it looks like I will be there for a while. it is very exciting because the president called me early this week to tell me because it is a huge privilege for missionaries that are obedient. he complemented me on my obedience and told me that I would be going to the island. my companion from the MTC is there with 2 other missionaries and I will be companions with a new chilean missionary. to say the least, I am very excited.

this weekend, Elder Oaks also visited our mission, and the stake of quilicura where I was at. it was an incredible weekend. Elder Oaks spoke a lot about the importance of the sacrament. he was a great speaker and his wife gifted the mission testimony gloves to help the families that we teach have a testimony in God, Jesus Christ, Joseph Smith, Thomas S. Monson, and the temple. 

Elder Oaks came to our stake center and R came with C and C.They loved the conference, and it really helped R with her testimony about modern day prophets. earlier in the week we visited with them and they gave us arroz con leche, masamora, and panettone. for those of you who dont know they are peruvian desserts and they are so good. we said goodbye to them last night, and it was a little emotional.

we met with C this week and he is doing really well. he prayed, and he read, but he didn´t receive an answer, but he accepted a date to get baptized and he said he wants to go to church but he had a commitment this weekend with someone else. 

we visited some haitians that we have been teaching as well. Y is very interested in the church, but wasnt able to read and pray because she has been very sick. she is very nice and she always offers us haitian food.

this week we werent in the sector a lot because we were rehearsing for the musical number in the conference with elder Oaks. on Saturday the musical number went really well, and it was a lot of fun.

that is all I really want to talk about today. Im still pretty thrilled about cambios and also nervous too because I thought I was already pretty far away from home.

I know that the church is true and that Christ has his church with prophets and apostles here on the earth. the gospel that we share with the world is so important that we make sure that all can receive it. I know that Christ is my savior, and I will do what I can to serve Him.


Elder Williams

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