Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile

Saturday, April 25, 2015

March 9, 2015- Crossing the Street

hola familia y amigos,

this week we had cambios and I have to say they were a little weird. I got transferred to the sector Lo campino 2. I was in Lo campino 1, so i literally just crossed the street, and I am working in the sector of elder Tibbits. elder Tibbits went to another zone, and his companion elder Arce went to my old sector. Elder Arce and I just switched! I got a new companion whose name is Elder Farnsworth. i actually knew him from my time in simon bolivar. he was in the same zone as me for like 4 months, so I already knew him a little. he is awesome. he has been here for about 7 months, and he is from Chandler (basically phoenix) Arizona. he likes to play rugby.

what else happened this week? we taught Y and B on Tuesday. they told us that they didnt want to go to church or make changes in their lives, and they told us that they wanted to search on their own for a little bit. it broke my heart a little bit, but hey, in the future they´ll make the right choices. 

on Wednesday I had an intercambio with elder Tibbits in his sector (which is now my sector!) and it was fun. we taught a new person named M. he came to church on sunday because it just interested him. he seems pretty cool, so we will see where that goes. 

on Thursday we had an awesome lesson with R. R is a haitian who we have taught, but hes had some doubts about Joseph Smith and the book of mormon. last week we printed out Joseph Smith history in Kreol and we brought it to him and asked him to read it and pray. today we taught him, and we verified if he had read or if he had prayed. it was so awesome he looks at us and says. "yes, i read it". I asked "did you pray to know if Joseph Smith is a prophet" he said "yes", then I asked him "what was your answer"? then he said "its true. he's a prophet and the church is true". he then accepted a baptismal date. he had declined 3 dates before that night, but he said YES! we were so pumped!!!!!!!!!!

on Saturday they called me while I was in a lesson to tell me that I was going. that straight up wrecked me. I wanted to stay in the sector so bad. we spent saturday and Sunday visiting the investigators and converts and members to say goodbye. on Sunday we gave a little farewell talk (the missionaries that were leaving the ward). now I look back and it was all in vain. so many tears shed for nothing! but hey, i get to see the people I love for even more time, and I will be in this stake when the apostle visits.

on Sunday we taught J and L again. the lesson was so awesome. they were asking questions about if baptism was necessary and at one point they asked "there are so many churches, and we just want to know what the right one is". F, a recently returned missionary came with us and he testified and everything. we watched the movie the Restoration with them and the spirit was so strong. they committed to reading the book of mormon, and praying to god to know if it is true. it was awesome!!!! good way to finish my time in that sector.

on Sunday night, the P family invited me to their house, and we had a family home evening with them and O and A  it was a lot of fun, and O and A gifted me a tie. I really do love that family, and i am so happy because I will still get to see them!

I am excited to work and see how it goes here in Lo campino 2. it is a little fancy here. there are parts here that look like the united states. there are a lot of ward leaders here, and there are a lot of ethnic people here too. there are arabs, haitians, africans, peruvians, colombians, gringos...everything.

I am so thankful to be serving the Lord. I love Him. I owe Him everything. 


Elder Williams

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