Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile

Saturday, April 16, 2016

March 8, 2016 - Day at the Museum

Hola familia y amigos,

This week was a lot of fun, and we got to have some great moments,

On Wednesday, we got to teach Luis. He is an older man we have been teaching. He has a hard time remembering things because he suffered a stroke about 6 months ago and he is still recuperating from that. He has a hard time remembering how to pray. He doesn't remember to end in the name of Jesus Christ, and gets confused about what to say to Him, so we've been helping him with that.

We also taught Christian that night. he is progressing really well. He´s working on a baptismal goal for a couple of more weeks, so we will see what happens. He is really brave, because he is preparing himself even though baptism seems really big to him. He is taking it step by step.

On Thursday, we got to teach Leonor and Miguel Angel. Leonor is a recent convert, and she is doing great. She is serving in the Primary and we are working with her so she can go to the temple. Miguel is also doing well. He didn't go to church this Sunday because he had to work, but he is reading and praying and he goes to church when he has Sundays free.

That night we had another family home evening with Pilar. She invited her two sons, and some of her grandchildren. The Bishop and his family came with us, and we had a great time. I made 60 chocolate chip cookies and everyone ate all of them. Chileans love cookies. Pilar gave the spiritual thought and  lead an analysis about 1 Nefi 21. She also lead an analysis from the Isaiah chapters. She is doing awesome!

On Friday, I went on an interchange with Eder DaRosa because we had to do some visa paperwork in Santiago center, so it was a fun time waiting in lines. 

After that we got to teach Luis again. He was finally able to pray. We had to whisper in his ears to help him do it, but he was able to do it! It was great and he felt really great.

On Saturday, we taught a ton of people in the houses of members. In the afternoon, we taught Christian in the house of Sister Villablanca, and we taught the Alberto family in their house, but PĂ­lar came with us. After that we were going to teach Jorge (Pilar´s oldest son) but he was busy and couldn't. They were all great lessons, and we were able to really help the Alberto family with their doubts about the Sabbath day because it turns out that Juliana, Alberto´s sister is a Seventh Day Adventist, so we had to explain a couple of things.

Sunday, the two parents from the Aberto family came to church, Christian came, and Katia came. The testimonies were really great.

We got to eat lunch with the Montero family. They made us Peruvian food that was really spicy, and Elder Barillas does not like hot food, so he suffered a little bit. The Montero family is less active and they aren't doing too well.T hey've stopped praying and they don't see the big deal about it, so we are worried about them, and they aren't excepting the commitments we leave with them....prayers for them would be nice

Yesterday, we taught a family from Valdivia, and it was a very nice lesson. We also taught the father of the Alberto family who committed to living the Sabbath day. It is incredible the humility that Enrique exemplifies. He knows now that it is a commandments and now he wants to live it, even though he is really used to working Sundays. Amazing!

Today, we went to a museum in our mission. There were lots of stuffed animals, so that was fun. Elder Barillas and I hope you enjoy the pictures!

That's it for this week. I know that if we pray with faith the Lord will bless us. What does it mean to pray with faith?It means to pray a plan to God, expecting to do it, and expecting that He will bless you. My prayers have changed a lot. I don't pray so people come to church. I pray so that I can pick them up and take them to church. I know that God hears our prayers


Elder Williams

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