Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile

Sunday, April 17, 2016

March 29, 2016 - San Pablo

Hola familia y amigos,

Well, this is my last change and it is starting off with a bang. They changed me. I am now a zone leader in San Pablo. I am in a sector named lo Prado. My companion is Elder Andersen from Gilbert, Arizona. We were both changed so this sector got white washed. There is so much to do here, and it looks like I won't have even 1 second to think about the house (just like it should be).

This past week we worked a lot. On Thursday, we found a less active family. They are the Huertas family. They were really nice. They have a daughter named Genesis who is 18 who isn't baptized. The family is really interesting because they used to go to church but about 15 years ago they stopped going and now the mom goes to a Pentecostal church. Not sure how that happened but they were really receptive and want to return, but are going to need some real help to do it.

On Friday, we taught Hugo and Lorena. They committed to going to church this Sunday. They are doing well. We lent them our dvd`s about the Restoration and they loved them. They want to go to church but I think they still are afraid about not knowing many members of the church. 

We also taught Pilar and her family in a family home evening we had with them. It was really nice and without really knowing it was kind of a going away party.
Pilar and her family

On Saturday, we found a new young man named Benjamin that served a mission for the Catholic Church for a week. When we knocked his door he let us in right away. He said "it was really lame when people didn't let me in, do you want to come in?"

On Sunday, we taught the Alberto family. They committed to a baptismal date, but it looks like they are going to have some problems because the grandmother of the family is going to visit from Peru and she is a Seventh Day Adventist and isn't too big on her daughter listening to the Mormons...I`ll be praying for Elder Barillas and for them.

On Sunday we also helped Gabriel, a new investigator, come to church. He is really shy but he liked it a lot, and he also accepted a baptismal date.

I said goodbye to a lot of people (the pictures of that are found in the photos email I sent).

I'm excited to be here in lo Prado. It's going to be an adventure. I'm really going to miss Elder Barillas. I love him a lot, and I know he`s stressing a little bit about leading the sector, but I know he`ll do just fine.

That`s it for this week. I am excited for this new opportunity to serve new people and new missionaries, and I will endure to the end!


Elder Williams                                                                                                       

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