Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile

Sunday, April 17, 2016

March 15, 2016 - Challenges in the Font

hola familia y amigos,

We ran into some challenges this week, but the work of the Lord continues!

On Thursday, we had a great day. We taught Miguel Angel, a less active young man that we have been helping in the house of one of the ward´s high priests. It was great, and then we left with Miguel to teach Lorena. Lorena is part of the Murillos Caceres family.  Hugo, the dad of the family was in Antofagasta working, so we went with Miguel to be able to teach her, and the lesson helped a lot. She could finally see how the members of the church were and she felt a lot more comfortable with us knowing that there are members of the Church that are just like her that also had to really work to get an answer. We hope that Miguel gets the missionary work bug.

On Friday, we tried to find Luis, the older investigator that recently had a stroke. We stopped by about 4 times this week and we couldn't find him. We are worried that they sent him to the hospital to live because he had mentioned a couple of weeks ago that that was an option.

We also taught Mario on Friday. he wants to get baptized , but he goes to Iquique in about 2 weeks and he´ll be there for about 3 months, so he might get baptized in Iquique.

We also taught a new family from Valdivia. We taught them about the Restoration. Elisa and Franco were interested a little bit, but didn't show a desire to open up to new ideas, but during the lesson, their friend Sergio arrived and he was really interested and asked if we could stop by again to read the Book of Mormon with him. We obviously said yes!

On Saturday, we had an awesome lesson with the alberto family. brother Navarro came with us and Juliana was really impressed with him. he is a recent convert of about 4 years and he is the high priest group leader. he bore a very powerful testimony and Juliana was really impressed. we read with her from the book of mormon and that really helped because we realized that she hasnt been reading too much because she wasnt understanding it. we helped her understand how Lehi left everything behind to follow the Lord and how Nephi prayed to know if that is what he had to do as well. we asked her to apply that in her life and she committed to praying about if she needs to join the church.

on Sunday we had a special Stake transmission. We had confirmed with Christian and Miguel Angel and some other people about going to the Stake Center with us, but no one arrived! The transmission was from Salt Lake to all of the churches in Chile. Elder Nelson was presiding and he spoke in Spanish!!!!

After that we called Christian to see what happened and he told us that because of some family problems he wouldn't be able to meet with us for a while, but he will keep going to church. We were kind of bummed because he was going to get baptized this next week, so Satan is working hard on him.

In the afternoon we had a great lesson with Gabriel, a young man we found last week. He was really able to understand how the gospel could make him happy. He told us "I'm not the type of person that is always happy" we asked him "would you like to be that type of person?". He said "yes" and we read about how the obedience to commandments is what makes us happy. The Book of Mormon really does apply to us specifically and perfectly.

One last funny thing. Sunday, we found some new Haitian investigators. One of them likes to preach the gospel on street corners and he said "here in Chile, I scream 'God loves you, God loves you', and the people don't do anything. they don't even look at me. I've lived in the Dominican Republic and people with beer bottles in their hands used to stop and say 'amen'. The people here don't believe in God. In Santiago there are thousands of churches and all of them are empty". They were powerful words, and I know that the people of Santiago aren't the most receptive when it comes to missionary work, but I know that the Lord prepares His chosen children and it is my job to find them and teach them.


Elder Williams

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