Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile

Sunday, April 24, 2016

April 19, 2016 - Contacts in the Rain

Hola familia y amigos,

Not too sure about what headlines make their way to the USA from Chile but this weekend was super crazy. there were record rains that left down town  Santiago flooded with water. Everything is alright now, but it was crazy. Also, on Saturday and Sunday, the water of all of the Santiago region was cut because of problems in the mountains. Luckily we had water stored away for a rainy day (: it was funny though. no one had water and it was raining a ton outside!

This week went great. We got to teach a recent convert and his non member wife. Bernabè and Lela are really awesome, and Lela would get baptized if she could only stop smoking. We are going to try to help her do that, so prayers are needed this way.

On Thursday, we did some visa paperwork and licensing stuff. We were in the city hall of Santiago and we waited for 2 hours and nothing happened, so we just left and went to work, and planned to do it another day.

We were able to teach Karen and Leonela. They were two references from some members in our ward. Leonela and her deaf sister, Karen invited us over with their member friends (Leroy and Tamara) so we could teach them. It went okay. There were some fussy kids in the lesson, so it was tough to keep it controlled. Sometimes I wonder if the children really are of the kingdom of God...

We also got to teach Claudia and her family with the help of Efraìn. Claudia is less active and her two children: Angela and Jeremìas aren't baptized. It was nice to teach them with Efraìn because Claudia has cancer and so does Efraìn. Actually, Efraìn`s cancer is terminal so Claudia was really impressed that he came to with us to teach her. They committed to going to church

We also taught Alexis this week. We taught him about the word of wisdom. He also smokes and we are helping him quit. He also committed to go to church.

On Friday I got to do an interchange with Elder Pimentel. He is from Rio de Janeiro Brazil. He is new in the mission and doesn't speak a lot of Spanish. We had a great day and we were able to teach Pablo and Aurora. They are old investigators that have a lot of doubts about Joseph Smith and the Book ofM ormon. We are really trying to help them feel through the Spirit that the Book of Mormon is true. The Book of Mormon can appear so strange if someone doesn't have that testimony from God that it is true.

On Saturday, we taught our Haitan friends. All of our pamphlets and books arrived in French so now we can really start teaching. Saturday morning we taught Henry. We taught him last week, and we thought he was drunk, but now when we taught him he was really receptive and wasn't drunk. He is a father that is about 50 years old and has been really stressed because of his work that he is now looking for more peace. We were able to teach him Monday night as well. he said that if he feels this is true he will get baptized. I love it when people say that because that is where the real missionary work begins.

On Sunday, no one went to church. We went to pick up investigators in the rain and no one wanted to come with us. The Bishop told me last minute that he needed some to give a talk, so he asked me to do it. It came out alright. It made me think back to my Easter Island days when I gave a talk almost once a month.

Yesterday, we were able to teach Marcelo. He is a man we contacted last week that is passing through some hard family times. He is also 50 years old and is very nice. He let us in right away and he is also trying to see if the Book of Mormon is true. 

This morning, I went to a session in the temple for the first time in about a year and a half. It was excellent! I learned so much. I love the peace the temple brings. I also got to participate in proxy sealings in the temple (as one of the children) it was an awesome experience and it made me appreciate the dedication of my parents to the Lord and His Gospel. The faith of my parents blessed me automatically and I am so thankful for having been born unto them. thanks Mom and Dad!


Elder Williams

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