Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

April 26, 2016 - Cold Mornings

Hola familia y amigos,

This week has reminded me of the beginning of my mission. I forgot that here in Santiago during the spring it gets really cold in the morning and then hot during the afternoon. The houses aren't heated so the temperature inside is just about what it is outside. Ooh its chilly in the morning!

On Wednesday we got to teach Juan and Maria. They are an older married couple. Juan is pretty Catholic, and Maria is Catholic but has a lot of questions about the Church and she wants to learn everything. She has little time and we can only teach her every other week, but she really wants us to visit her.

On Thursday, we were able to teach Johana and Felipe Godoy. They are both recent converts that haven't gone to church in a while. After two years as a missionary, I still don't understand why people can be so enthused about going to church and then stop going so rapidly. Retention is a very serious job we have here in Santiago Norte, and we are hoping that the reactivation of these converts will help them take the gospel to their friends and family that are not members.

On Friday, I got to go on an interchange with the assistants. I was with Elder Simmons from Star, Idaho. It was interesting because Elder Simmons is legally blind, so I had to help him cross the street and make sure that he didn't run into anything, but he is an amazing missionary that does a great job talking with the people!

On Saturday, we got to teach Henry again. It was an awesome lesson because the Stake President lives on the same street as him and the Sake President came with us! Henry really enjoyed the visit. He doesn't quite feel ready to go to church because he is just starting to learn about us. He`s relatively shy when he is around other people, so it is going to be a challenge to help him come to church.

We also taught all of our Haitian investigators Saturday night. The Haitians are really worked hard here in Chile and taken advantage of. They work a lot and only have Saturday afternoon and Sunday to rest and do all of their things, but even like that they let us visit them and teach them the gospel.

On Sunday, David, Hertz, and Ernest (3 Haitians) and Jaime (a Chilean) came to church. Jaime is a friend of a member. He stayed the second hour to hear the classes and he really liked the class. We scheduled an appointment with him for that night, but he wasn't there...things happen.

We got to teach Valentina and her family. Valentina is a recent convert here in this sector. Her parents aren't members because her father has a drinking problem, but he said he really wanted to stop drinking and get baptized, so we are going to see if he can really stop drinking. Valentina`s father`s name is Mauricio, so we will need some prayers for him.

We also got to teach a new investigator named Robinson. He is Chilean. We actually contacted his wife the other day, and when we stopped by to see if she was there, he let us in and heard our message. He was really interested in it, and he allowed us to visit him again. He had a lot of questions about the Book of Mormon, so we will see how it goes.

Yesterday, we got to teach a new investigator named Karina. She is from Peru, and she has two little boys that are autisitic. She really wants to know what she can do to help her boys grow up believing in God and protected from such a bad world. She accepted our invitation to go to church and bring her kids to Primary.

We also got to teach Antonio. He is a Peruano from Chimbote. He is doing really well and he accepted a baptismal date for the end of May. It is really fun and interesting scheduling a baptismal date knowing that you aren't going to be there.

Today we cleaned the house and had a huge taco lunch with the other missionaries from the zone.

I would like to bare my testimony this week about the importance of scripture study. I know that scripture power is something real. I sang songs about it in Primary, but now I feel that song of redeeming love inside of me. I know that if we really study the scriptures like we would study for a finals exam, we will learn the secrets of heaven and we will feel the Spirit more fully in our lives.


Elder Williams

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