Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile

Sunday, April 17, 2016

March 22, 2016 - Lucky number 7

Hola familia y amigos

There are no changes this week because this week is a 7 week transfer. The extension of the MTC time has made us spend one more week in this change.

On Wednesday, we didn't enter a single house. We contacted the whole day and set up appointments with other people. On our way home we were a little tired and without hope after being rejected more than 20 times that day, but as we were walking to our house a guy got out of his car and shouted "Hey, you guys, come and teach me about Jesus". We at first thought he was drunk, but when we talked with him he told us that he never had time to hear the missionaries and he was sitting in his car waiting for someone and thought, "you know what, I'm going to hear what they have to say". His name was Pablo, he lives in another mission, so we taught him there in the street and sent the reference to Santiago west. It looks like there are people that do want to hear us but you have to look the whole day for them.

On Thursday, we taught Nelson and Katia. They are older investigators. They are a lot more willing to do commitments now. We shared with them the new video the Church has done for Easter.

On Saturday, we found a new Peruvian family. They were really interested and it was awesome because they committed to reading the Book of Mormon and we asked them why and they said. "because we want to know if all of this is true"! I love it when people understand the message.

We also taught Gabriel. He is a young guy we found. He read the chapter we left with him and we taught him the Plan of Salvation. He loved it. He had so many questions, and we are really happy with how he is progressing. He looks happier every time we visit him.

On Saturday night we were invited to the adult session of stake conference. An Area Seventy from Argentina came and taught us about the importance of working with the young men and women from the stake.

On Sunday we had stake conference. We were waiting for 3 investigators to come and no one showed up and President Videla was there. We did all we could but no one came..

That afternoon we taught a lot of people including a part member family that is from Peru. The dad has the priesthood and his wife doesn't know much about the Church but is really willing to investigate. 

Yesterday we taught the Murillos Caceres family. They told us that they want to get baptized, but with all of the family drama that they are going through they cant do it right now.It's the same problem with Christian, too many family problems.

I know that the gospel blesses families. My parents taught it to me and look where I am. I know that families based upon the principles of the Gospel are more like to achieve true happiness in this life than any other means.


Elder Williams

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