Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Jan 6 - Sorry for the Delay

hola familia y amigos,

sorry about sending my email a day later. our zone had interviews with the president yesterday and our pday was changed to today.

Melanie isn't the only one with penguins in her mission!

this week was a lot of fun. we had an awesome new years eve. we had permission to hang out with the members and investigators from 6 oclock until 11 oclock. it was a ton of fun. we spent most of the night with the Mendoza family. Cecilia and Juan are recent converts, and we hung out with them for a little bit and then we ate a ton of meat. i got a little sick because I ate so much meat. there is a big hill next to Quilicura where they launch fireworks, so we got to watch a cool firework show from the window in our house. 

this week Juan got confirmed which is awesome. he is fulfilling his goal of reading 1 chapter a day in the book of mormon and it is going really well for him. he is such a humble guy, and he always has a smile because he is really thankful for the gospel. on Sunday he completed one month without smoking, so he was pretty happy about that.

on Friday, we met with the haitians that we are teaching and we taught some of them english. usually we rely on a member from the ward to translate for us, but we want to start helping them learn spanish so they can communicate with the people here in Chile.
on Friday, we also met with Oscar and Anais. Oscar is a less active member who came to church last week. My companion and I noticed that he was sitting alone so we talked with him. he said that he hadnt gone to church in a very long time, but that he wanted to come back. we set up an appointment with him and we visited with him and his girlfriend Anais. they are both very nice. they have a son named Augistin who is 3 and they have a new baby girl named josefina who is 5 months old. Oscar and his son came to church this week, and we introduced him to another member, hno pino. hermano pino invited Oscar and his family to a family home evening with them, and last night Oscar, his family, the pino family and us went had a family home evening. we shared a message about the happiness that the gospel brings to families, and Anais really liked what she heard, and she shared that she had been worried about all of the bad things in the world and how they could affect her family. the Pino family was awesome. they all testified of the blessings of the gospel and they were very nice and loving to Oscar and his family. it was the best!!!!

this week we have also done a ton of service. there was a family in the sector of the other elders that were moving, so we helped them move everything that was in their 3 story house. it was a lot of work. we had to move book cases and a couple of couches from the roof because they didnt fit the stair case.

we also did lots of little service project stuff. one of our investigators is pregnant and we stopped by and helped her clean her house. we also had to clean the church building. it was about 5 hours of washing windows for my compnion and me.

This week was a lot of fun, and I really enjoyed it. Im glad to see how the gospel blesses the lives of the people here. I often wonder what other people think of the missionaries when they see us. sometimes they look at us wierd when we eat, or when we are playing sports on Pday. we are people too. a lot of people think that we are only here to talk about Jesus Christ. we know that if you want a message about Jesus Christ you can go on the internet, or ask anyone. what we share with the people is not only another message about Jesus Christ. We share His gospel. we share the only way to receive eternal life and peace in this life. it takes more than listening to receive blessings from God. we share with people what they can do to receive all of the blessings of God. it is such a blessing in my life to share that with others!


Elder Williams

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