Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Jan 19 - water and exercises

hola familia y amigos!

this week was a lot of fun! on wednesday we had a zone conference that was a lot of fun. in our mission we are focusing in on and changing the mission statement of our mission. we are focusing on reactivation, retaination, and conversion. this means that we are helping people join the church, stay in the church after they join, and lastly, help those who have fallen away to come back. it is a wonderful way to focus on hastening the work of salvation. after the talks about that we got to watch the movie meet the mormons in spanish! it was awesome, but it felt wierd to watch a movie that was longer than an hour in the mission.

that night we taught some less active people that wanted us to give a blessing of health to their dog. we told them that we couldnt because the church hadnt received revelation about blessing animals, so they were a little upset.

on thursday we taught nicolas who is a less active member. he was really involved in the church when he was little, but now he hasnt gone in a while. on Sunday he went to church and tons of people said hi to him and greeted him after a lot of time outside of the church. on thursday we met with him and had a good lesson with him. Nicolas is a lot of fun, and he loves to spend time with the missionaries and he is really starting to look like he´s ready to make some changes in his life, so we will see what happens there.

on Thursday we had an awesome lesson with Oscar and Anaiz. we had it in the house of a member and we taught them about marriage. we taught them about the law of chastity and that sexual realtions should be between a man and a woman within marriage. they both committed to getting married at the end of the lesson! we are so excited for them. they have the homework of praying to find out the date of when it should happen. Oscar said "Id be fine with doing it tomorrow", we will see what happens there.

I taught that lesson and spent that night with elder Tibbits because elder huarca had to give a baptismal interview, so that was fun too. 

on saturday we did a temple tour. there are sister missionaries in the temple that do a tour of the
Smit and Yunia, they are getting married this thursday and then yunia is getting baptized this sunday

Yves and Marie berlin, they are from haiti and marie berlin is going to get baptized next month. yves is a recent convert

juanito really liked the temple. he got baptized about 3 weeks ago

Elder Cifuentes from guatemala, he is one of our zone leaders

all of us juntos
gardens around the temple and explain the restoration of the gospel. it was a lot of fun. we brought Smit, yunia, juanito, yves and marie berlin. it was a lot of fun. we were a little worried because marie berlin doesnt speak a lot of spanish, but the zone leaders came with us and 4 other hatians, so there was still a lot of fun had. one thing that is awesome about the temple tour is that the people can enter the temple up until the desk. it is awesome because they can really feel the spirit of the Lord, and they all really want to come back to do baptisms for the dead.

Sunday was the best sunday I have had in the mission. marie berlin, cius (the neighbor of yves), Anaiz and yunia all came to church. also, anaiz got to here an awesome sacrament talk about how the gospel blesses families which is one of her main reasons for why she is looking into the church. Anaiz met the bishop, the ward leaders, her son went to primary, and she got to see the baptism of a young couple who elder Tibbits and Elder Adcock had been teaching. it was an awesome sunday!

I feel so blessed to be serving a mission,and I invite all of those who are on the fence about serving a mission to know that it is the best experience of my life. it is helping me become a better person because it reminds me daily of my need for my savior Jesus Christ. I know that this is His church and His gospel.


Elder Williams

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