Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Dec 29 - Happy New Year and Merry Christmas

hola familia y amigos!

I hope you all had a very merry Christmas. i had a great Christmas here and an awesome skype conference call with my family and my favorite sister missionary!

this week we had a wonderful christmas present with the baptism of Juanito!!!!! he has made a lot of changes to get baptized. he quit smoking and since he quit a month ago he hasnt picked up a cigarette.

on Tuesday we had a mission christmas party. all of the missionaries came and we were accompanied by Elder Ceballos from the seventy and his wife. they gave wonderful talks about the Christmas season. after that, we got to watch the first presidency Christmas broadcast. following that we were treated to a Christmas lunch with pastel de Choclo (which here in Chile is a big deal).

on Wednesday we had a zone class where we exchanged gifts and I got a harmonica. my secret Santa was my companion. I had to buy his gift in front of him and lie and say it was for me, and then buy a tie as a cover. he figured it out when we were buying it but he played along until the Christmas party.

in the night time we spent it with Cristopher who is a recent convert. this Sunday he got the aaronic priesthood which is pretty cool. We ate antecuchos and seviche (antecuchos are like shiskabobs) and it was awesome. the niece of Cristopher was there so we got to see her open up her chrsitmas gifts. Christopher actually gave my companion and I a gift. I got a tie, and Elder huarca got a soccer ball.

that was pretty much it for the christmas time stuff. we have been working hard this week. we have been teaching these haitains a lot. yves got baptized recently and now he and his wife want to get sealed in the temple so we are trying to help his wife get baptized. a problem that we see here a lot in Chile is that a lot of people live together and are not married. we see it in almost all of our investigators. 

I love teaching the haitains. they are such a humble people that always have time to listen to God. they live in humble circumstances. there are no chairs in their house and when we teach them we all sit on the floor.

we had lunch with a family from our ward who during Christmas asked for 4 copies of the book of Mormon that they were going to gift to their neighbors. when we ate lunch with them the following day they told us that they were going to follow up with them on their own and then invite them to a family home evening. it really warmed my heart to see a family that takes the work of salvation so seriously and acts of their own accord.

I am so thankful to be a missionary here in Chile. I am not going to lie, there were some melancholy filled moments this week with all the Christmas stuff, but i testify that the most important thing about Christmas is Christ, and it is him that I serve.


Elder Williams

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