Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Jan 12 - hot hot hot

hola familia y amigos,

this week was a lot of fun because we participated in a lot of intercambios so I got to hang out with other missionaries. on wednesday I was with Elder Fischer from Argentina. we stopped by and tought some Haitianos english. we invited a member from our ward who is also from Haiti to bear his testimony about the church with them. it is hard to have haitians go to church because they dont understand what is being said. also, they believe firmly in that they need to have a shirt and tie to go to church. if they do not own a shirt or tie they will not go to church. it is something very important in their culture. there was a very strong spirit in the room when the member testified it was awesome!

we stopped by city hall that same morning set a date for a couple that wants to get married. two of the haitians that we are teaching are not married. actually, about 5 of our investigators arent married which is almost all of them, so we are going to have to pass by city hall quite a few times.

on Thursday we taught a woman named Felicinda. we had taught her a couple of times and the last time we invited her to read the book of Mormon and ask God to know if it is true. when we stopped by on thursday, we asked her how her reading went and she told us that when she prayed to know if it is true she felt this burning in her chest and she felt that it was true. we are working on a baptismal date with her because we need to teach her boyfriend as well and they need to get married, so it is a long road with her.

we had an awesome lesson with Anais and Oscar that same day. she committed to reading the book of mormon and baptism if it true. we are going to teach her tonight so we are excited to see if she has received her answer.

on Thursday I was in an intercambio with elder Tibbits. he also serves in the same ward as me, but in a different sector. he is from Colorado and he is awesome. hes only been out for like 4 months, but he is a great missionary.

we have been teaching a young man named Nicolas. a lot of missionaries have stopped by his house. he is a member of the church but he hasnt gone in a really long time. he is really awesome and he actually went to church with us this Sunday. he was greeted by all of his past friends in the church that he grew up with in primary and everything. it was really awesome to see the love that this ward shows towards everyone.

in Sunday school at church another haitian member shared an awesome story that I want to share. Ricardo was living in Haiti and working in a governament building a couple of years ago. he was a member of the church, and to him and two other young people in his ward was given the option to serve a mission for 2 years for the church. he wasnt sure what he should do, but he prayed and he felt he should serve the mission. another girl from his ward decided to do the same, and the 3rd person decided to keep studying and working in Haiti. Ricardo and the other girl left Haiti to go the the MTC and one month after they left the earthquake happened. everyone that worked in the building where Ricardo used to work died. one of the people that worked with Ricardo was the friend from his ward who chose not to serve the mission. it was cool to here Ricardo bear his testimonio about the mission and how his service literally saved his life.

I hoped you liked that story. I am so thankful to be serving here in Chile, and I know what I am doing here is the work of the Lord


Elder Williams

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