Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Nov 25 - enfermito

hola familia y amigos,

this week was a lot of fun, but it was a little rough because Elder Muñoz was a little sick. Elder Muñoz had a fever and was caughing a lot.

we spent a lot of this week trying to find people. because Lucas and Felipe got baptized we no longer have investigators that are progressing, so we are hitting the streets.

we came across an hermana this week whose husband is a member of the church, but he hasn´t gone to church in a very long time. they are named Francisca and Ariel. we have passed by many times for their house because they were a referral that we received from a member in our ward. they didn´t really want us to come into the house before but this week we found francisca walking in the street and she said that she needed a service this next week. we passed by her house the next day to coordinate the service project and share a quick message. they were  both taken aback when we said we didn´t require recompense for the service. we told them that we are here to serve them and help them with their relationship with Christ. they were really surprised that we were so dedicated to serve them.

that same day we were following up on a contact in the street. I had one address written and my companion had another. we stopped by the address of my companion. we contacted the joven that answered the door, and we asked him if we could share a message with him about Jesus Christ. he said yes, and we came in! Manuel was his name, and he was super awesome. it turned out that the contact who gave us his address lied, because the address number that I had didn´t exist and he didn´t live with Manuel. it was a bummer that the contact lied to us, but we found Manuel and he was awesome.

on Saturday we were searching for menos activos in our sector and we found a man named Washington Jimenez. he is a lawer here in Santiago, and he is super nice. we knocked on his door, and he immediatly said, "come on in". that is a sign of menos activos. he shared with us that he saw some things in the church that he didn´t like, so he stopped coming. it is something that we here a lot in the church. our job as missionaries is to remind these people the reason why they went to church in the first place. the reason is: without the proper ordinances performed by the priesthood authority of god, which is only found in the LDS church, a person cannot receive eternal life. Washington was really friendly and we are excited to work with him more.

this Saturday Lucila Palma went to the temple to do baptisms! we were so pumped. she went with a young single adult from the ward. we couldn't find a third adult man to go with us, so we couldn't go to the temple with her, but she told us she really enjoyed it, and now she is working with a sister in the ward to prepare the names of her mother and other family for the temple.

I hope you all have an amazing thanksgiving this week. I am so thankful for all of your prayers, letters, and packages that really do help me. I want to give a special shout out to my Mom and Dad who have been such a great help to me. Thanks Mom, thanks Dad.


Elder Williams

P.S. another quick shout out. word on the street is that Bothell High School football is cleaning up. keep it up cougs.

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