Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Nov 10 - Elder Nelson

hola familia y amigos.

this week was awesome!!!!!!!

lets start with a sad story first, and then I will tell the awesome cool things. on Tuesday, Elder Muñoz and I were walking in the street talking with a lot of people and they really weren´t that interesting. nothing was happening, and we were on our way to lunch when we decided that we would talk with a man that was waiting in a nearby doorway. we talked with him. he said his name was Mario he was 28 years old and super awesome. he let us come in and we shared a quick message with him, we said a short prayer, and we set up another day to come by. he was really nice and interested in what we had to say. about 30 minutes later after the lesson we had with him we were waiting for our lunch which was pushed back a little bit, and we saw Mario biking towards us. he got off of his bike and with a frantic look said "Elderes I have been looking for you guys for the past 30 mintues" we thought he was going to say "I read what you left me and I want to get baptized" or "come to my house right now I want to learn more". instead he said " I talked with my dad, and he doesn´t like you guys, so could you please not pass by our house again?" that was a little bit of a bummer, but asi es la mision

yesterday we had a conference with Elder Nelson. it was so awesome. he talked about the importance of using the guide to the scriptures, (which doesn´t exist in english) he and his wife also taught the importance of knowing who we were before we came here to the earth. we have to know that we were valiant as spirits before we came to this earth, and that we did many great things before we came here. there is power in knowing that we did great things before we came to earth because our ideas of what we are capable of increase. Elder Muñoz and some other missionaries performed a musical number and it was really awesome! We were sitting in the front row and Elder Nelson was right in front of us. its a good idea to have connections with the musicians entonces.
Guess who I ran into at the Elder Nelson Conference! (Hermana Todesco - from Woodinville)
this Sunday something awesome happened. my first week in the mission I met a man named Santiago. he is 60 years old and from Peru. I have knocked on his door 10 times and talked with him many times and I have never been able to share the gospel with him. this Sunday he came to church with us! we stopped by in the morning and he and his wife came to church with us. it was cool to see that after 5 months of nothing that all of our door knocking paid off. we had a lesson with him yesterday and he told us that he felt really good in the church and that he wants to go every week. he had a lot of questions about the bible that we helped him answered and he said to us that "I just want to find the church where God wants me to go". 

today our preparation day we went to the park. there is a huge park in our sector that is closed monday, but our pday was changed to tuesday so we got to go. 

we talked with a lot of people this week, and got a lot of doors slammed in our faces, but we are doing well, and we are happy!


Elder williams

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