Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Nov 17 - Lucas y Felipe

hola familia y amigos.

This week was a lot of fun, and it was a lot of work too.

on saturday we had two service projects in the morning. we had to prepare a house for painting and then we had to go to another house and paint a living room.

I really want to focus this email on what happened on Sunday because it was an awesome day. we had stake conference this week so we had to get up extra early to go to the stake center to attend the priesthood meeting. we ran into a problem in the morning because we couldn´t find Elder Muñoz´s glasses. we searched everywhere in the house. while he was in the shower, I said a prayer that I could find them. right after the prayer finished, a thought came into my mind to check behind the curtain. I had already checked there and it would be highly unlikely that his glasses would have passed through or over the curtain, but I still checked. as I looked a little bit more in depth than the first time, I found them.

we then went to stake conference. it was awesome because the temple president of the santiago temple was there and he gave a talk about the importance of temple work to reactivate church members and insure that recent converts stay in the church. it is so true. this week Lucila got her temple recommend and is planning on going to do baptisms this next week. Luis and Carolina have already done them, and are now going on a regular basis.

another miracle that happened was that the water heater for the baptismal font wasn´t working. we grabbed a member from the stake who is a handy man to help us work on it. we were there for an hour trying to figure it out and nothing happened. we decided to say a prayer, and when we finished the member moved a valve just a little bit, and tried again and the water heater started to work. it was awesome to see two miracles about prayer happen in the same day.

after stake conference we saw the baptisms of Lucas and Felipe. Luis did all of the baptisms and he might get to do the confirmations because this sunday Luis received the Melchezidek priesthood. Felipe was really happy. when he had the chance to share his feelings about his baptism to the congregation he said that he was "thankful to God for a new life". Lucas thanked his mother, sister,and brother in law for all that they did, and for the first time in his life, according to his mother, took his sister by the hand. it is amazing to see how much that family has changed.

Felipe gave me a big bear hug after his baptism. Felipe and his father Victor do karate, and Felipe is really strong. every time I shake his hand he squeezes as hard as he can and I can honestly say that he has the potential to break my hand. Felipe is a goofy guy, but after his baptism he was so reverent and so happy.

later that night we taught a new man named rodrigo. he was a contact in the street about 2 weeks ago that we found again in the street. when we talked with him this week he told us that he had been waiting for us. we had set an appointment with him, and we had went last week but we found a business where he said his house was (it happens to us a lot when people lie to us). it turns out that there was a hidden house next door where he lives, so we stopped by yesterday to teach him. he told us that he feels lonely and that he wants to rekindle his faith in Christ. We told him that the gospel of Jesus Christ is here to help him.

I want to give my testimony to all of those who feel alone, depressed, or feel that their faith is dwindling. I know that Christ is our Savior. I know that he has provided a way in which we can combat the trials in this life with His help, power, and love. there are many ways in this life to dull our pains, but Christ is trying to communicate by means of his servants, like me, that the only way to find peace and salvation, eternal life and hope, is through the gospel of Jesus Christ. this gospel as been restored perfectly by a prophet of God. this gospel is found within the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. if you want to know if it is true, come unto Christ, exercise your faith, and start to learn it, then live it, and I promise you will love it.


Elder Williams

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