Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile

Monday, December 15, 2014

Dec 1 - Turkey Day

hola familia y amigos,

this week was a lot of fun. I dont have a ton of time to write, so Ill just state the big events from this week.

we had a nice thanksgiving here. we at a big lunch of pansito, mashed potatoes, and hamburger patties and juevos. we hung up some stalkings too (old missionary socks). we also bought a pie and ate it.

on Monday night we taught a new guy named Ivan. he is a 7th day adventist. we talked with him and he basically was trying to convince us that we were wrong because the sabath day should be on saturday. he was really nice about it, but he wasn´t very open to listening to our message.

on Tuesday we had an awesome service project. we have been teaching an older couple where the husband is less active and his wife isnt a member. Francisca y Ariel are very friendly. the other day we saw Francisca in the street and she told us that she needed help with a service project. she a had a lot of old clothes that she was trying to get rid of. the thing that was really cold was that we found another man whose wife is a member who has not been able to find work who sells clothes in the ferria (farmers market). we told him that there was an hermana that we were going to help by moving some clothes that she didn´t want anymore, and we were able to give him the clothes so he could sell them in the ferria. as a result of the service project we were able to help two families at once and then teach the two families later the same week.

on Friday we stopped by the house of a less active man we have been teaching. Mario was baptized at the age of 22, and after he got married to his wife, he stopped going to church becuase she didn´t like it. He now is 70 years old, and he works as a financial secretary in the catholic church. it was interesting because we were teaching him this week and he has had some problems with asking God specifically to know if the book of mormon is true, and he said "something I dont understand about the bible and my church is how my wife and I aren´t going to live together forever". we were able to testify to him that yes, families can be together forever, and that he could know for sure if he prayed to god and asked him. we explained that if the book of mormon is true, the doctrine of eternal families is true as well. I am so thankful for the book of mormon. it really is the keystone of our faith.

sorry the letter is so short, but please know that I am doing well, and that I love you all.


Elder Williams

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