Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Felipe la lleva

hola familia y amigos,

I hope you guys are excited for Halloween this week, because I dont know if Halloween exists here, but I´ll keep you posted.

this week we started off with a little service. this little turned into big service, because we didn´t know what we were getting ourselves in to. one of our investigators, Bridget, asked us to paint her ceiling. we thought "oh we just have to roll it with paint a couple of times and we´ll be good". we were wrong. we had to prep it first because there was some water dammage, and then we had to move all of her furniture, and use sand paper to scrape away old paint, so we were covered with dust.

we had a lot of lessons with Felipe this week. Felipe is the bomb. Felipe comes from a rough background. his mother and father abandoned him, and he now lives with his father who adopted him. he struggled in the past with alcohol and drugs, but is trying to turn his life around. he talks about how he wants his body to feel less "toxic". its a great privilege as a missionary to testify that through the atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ, he can be cleansed from the mistakes that he has made in his past. he is reading his scriptures, and he always has great questions about what he has read.

on Wednesday we used the cookie mix that I got from my package to make cookies for the Chandia family. they really like them, and they told us that they had stopped by the house of their neighbor every day to invite him to a family home evening, but he was never in the house. that was a little bummer. we are also doing this thing in elders quorum where we give a book of mormon to the other guys there, and they get to give it to a friend, and then the following week, they get to gift the book to another member of the quorum so they can share the book of mormon with one of their friends. this week the man who was sharing his experience about gifting the book of Mormon shared about how he offered it to his friend, and his friend refused it, and wouldn´t evern let him explain about the book. the quorum was a little bummed about the story, but its great to know that the members here are still willing to work with the missionaries.

On Saturday, Lucas invited us to a little family get together for his birthday. we arrived and the family was making completos. it was nice to spend time with his family, and also share the gospel with them afterwords. both Lucas and his mother Ivonne went to church this sunday which is so awesome! its the best to see people in church!

Yesterday we had a lesson with one of our newer investigators. Laura is a very religious woman who loves to study the bible. she is married and has a son who is 2 years old. Laura loves to study the bible and has studied in the past with Jehovas witness, but when we knocked on her door she said, "I dont know anything about the Mormons". we had already taught a lesson with her, and yesterday we stopped by to follow up on her reading. she told us that she was reading the bible, and that she read a scripture that says that if an angel preaches a different gospel, it is not of God. the message of the restoration and how Jospeh Smith saw angels was something that she took to be as false. she told us that she felt like we were not of God. In this moment I was extremely thankful for the book of Mormon. the book of Mormon is the evidence of the restoration of the gospel through the prophet Joseph Smith. We told Laura that in order for her to know if this is the same gospel that Christ taught, and if Joseph Smith really is a prophet of God, she needs to read the book of Mormon, and ask God to know if it is true.

I am so thankful to be here in Chile as a missionary. there are many difficult times here, but there are so many precious moments when people are touched by the spirit, and they change. I am changing everyday here, and it hurts, but I love it because I know that Christ is making me better than I once was.


Elder Williams

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