Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile

Monday, December 15, 2014

Dec 8

hola familia y amigos,

this week was a ton of fun with a lot of traveling. Elder Muñoz is a very talented violinist, so in this time of the year with christmas concerts and church activities he is in high demand. yesterday we traveled to the city of Quilicura where we had a huge concert with a missionary choir and lots of musical numbers to celebrate christmas. it went really well. it was a lot of fun because it was an opportunity for the people of Chile to see the missionaries in a different light. usually we knock on their doors and talk with them in the street, but this time we were singing for them. 

I want to talk a little bit about some of the new people we have been working with. Jorge and Katherine are a couple that live in our sector. one day we were walking in the street and we saw a man walking his dog. we stopped and talked with him and he said that his wife was a member of our church and that she hadn´t gone in a while. we stopped by a while later and we met his wife Katherine. we have met with them a lot this week. their family is going through some hard times financially because he is without a job. before, Jorge didnt think much about god, but now he wants to learn how to communicate better with him and serve him. he is doing really well and went to church yesterday.

We had a lesson with Mario, the less active guy who is heavenly involved in the catholic church. it was an awesome lesson because we were going over what he read in the book of mormon and my companion asked if he had ever felt the spirit when he read the bible. he said yes. he said there is a specific chapter in Juan that he loves. we then asked him if he feels the same when he reads the book of Mormon. he said that he feels like that a lot when he reads the book of Mormon. He then realized that if he feels the same spirit with the bookf of Mormon as he does with the bible, the book of mormon is true. he has been trying really hard to get an answer and he finally did!

today we went bowling with the assistents to the president. one of them is going home and is really good friends with elder muñoz so we got to spend a little time with them. I bowled a 64. It didn´t go too well for me.

on Wednesday I was in an intercambio with elder Saldivia. he is from Angol in the south of Chile. it was a ton of fun. the ward mission leader in the ward was really awesome. we were talking with a lady outside of her house and he all of a sudden came around the corner and interrupted us saying to the lady "you have to listen to what they are saying, you have to do it". then he gave us two bottles of water and walked away. 

this week it has been really hot. I think that because of the heat I still havent realized that we are in the christmas season. I hope that you all take the time this christmas season to reflect on our Savior Jesus Christ. I highly recommend a video that the church has made recently called He is the Gift. you can find it on youtube this month.


Elder Williams

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