Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile

Monday, December 15, 2014

Dec 14 - Changes

hola familia y amigos,

cambios were this week and I have changed sectors. I am now in the zona of Quilicura. I am in the ward lo campino. My new companion is elder Huarca from Peru. He has been here for about 3 weeks so we are both pretty new here in the mission. Elder Huarca has been in the mission for about a year now, and he is great. he is very nice.

Im not going to lie, I was a little bummed that Im not going to spend Christmas in Simon Bolivar. I have a lot of friends in that ward and I had been with elder Muñoz for a lot of time, so it hurt a little bit to uproot what I had established after 6 months there. 

This week we did have a lot of time to work in the sector which was a little lame. the reason is that on Wednesday I went to the doctor to see about my big toe which was hurting a little bit. I had an ingrown toenail and he chose to operate on it right then and there, so I had to be off the ground for two days. we were in the apartment for two days straight which was really boring, but I definetly learned more about the scriptures in those two days. 

We also had a lot of holiday concerts. when your companion is a talented violinist you get invited to play a lot of christmas activities. on Friday and Sunday they have a huge program in the temple gardens here in Santiago where the youth of Santiago dance, play music, and they even flew in Marvin Goldstein and Amanda Joyce from the united states to play the piano and sing. it was a lot of fun. Elder Muñoz was playing in the orchestra on friday and sunday because saturday we were at our ward christmas activity where he was also playing. 

On Sunday I said goodbye to the recent converts and investigators. it was really sad to say goodbye. We stopped by Luis and carolina, Lucila, Lucas and Ivonne, and then Felipe came with us to the temple concert. I am going to miss a lot of people from that ward, but I am excited to be here in Quilicura. Ive heard great things about this sector, so we will see what is going to happen. apparently there are two baptisms scheduled for this Sunday so that will be fun. 

so you know, Elder Muñoz is still in Simon Bolivar. the other elders that were in the hospital are there too. they operated on Elder Lefalle´s shoulder and he was in the hospital until friday with elder Birch, but they are back in the apartment, but they cant really leave because Elder Lefalle has to rest.

Something cool that happened this week was that Luis and Carolina went with elder Muñoz and Elder Saldivia (we were on an exchange) to a lesson with jorge and katherine. jorge and katherine arent married, so they taught them about the law of chastity which went really well. they want to get married, but with Katherine´s husband it is going to be hard to work out the divorcement. It make take a little while, so keep praying for them. anyway...the cool thing that happened in that lesson is that Jorge has been without a job for a really long time, and he mentioned that to Luis who talked with his boss, and now Jorge is working in the same place as Luis! Jorge was really happy and he and Luis get along really well now.

I am so glad to be a missionary. Im glad that the lord has blessed me with the chance to see people change. I have done nothing to cause a change in these people. it is the spirit of God, Christ, and his atonement that changes these people, and it has changed my life to see these people demonstrate their faith and act in accordance with the commandments of God.


Elder Williams

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