Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile

Saturday, December 19, 2015

December 7, 2015 - Hot, Hot Hot

Hola familia y amigos,

This week involved a lot of walking in the sun, but there were some awesome miracles that happened.

On Friday we had a nice lesson with R. We aren´t too sure what happened this week, but we ran into a lot of people that had some hard hearts. R´s brother was there and he was listening to us when all of a sudden he asks "I don't want to attack you or anything but isnt true that Joseph Smith had 40 wives?" How is that not wanting to attack us?! We explained it to him, and he started to raise his voice and say that God only works through His Spirit to talk with men in these days and not prophets. We let him rage a little bit and then we explained the Book of Mormon and he calmed down. The same thing happened to us on Sunday with some other Haitians we had been teaching. We testified that Joseph Smith was a prophet and one man bore his testimony that he wasn't. That was interesting. The cool thing is that we had a Book of Mormon to show him that there is an evidence that Joseph Smith is a prophet. He didnt agree to reading it, so I guess he will never know (unless he repents).

On Saturday we had lesson with Pilar and the family of the 2nd counselro in the bishopric.It went awesome.

The best part of this week was Sunday. Everyone that we wanted to see in the chapel came. Pilar, Robinson, Philosiane, and Alejandro and Dea came! I was so happy!!!! I bore my testimony I was so happy!!! I had been fasting that they would make it.

That´s pretty much it for this week. That which I do not write is my companion and I walking in the street in the sun. Thank you all for your letters and your prayers. I want to finish this email with the following story:

Friday morning we had left to do some contacts in the morning, and we went to go contact a reference. We talked with the lady and she was very nice. She told us that she belonged to a Pentecostal faith and that she was just fine. We showed her a copy of the Book of Mormon and testified that God had called a prophet in these last days. She asked "there are prophets in these days? How can I know that?" I bore my testimony and offered to see if we could explain to her how she could know. I felt the Spirit carry every word I said to her heart, but then she said "no thanks". That just killed me. Here I am with the greatest message in the world, the name of Jesus Christ on my chest, testifying that today there is a prophet of God on the earth and this daughter of God says "no thanks". I hope that she will receive the gospel later in her life, but I cannot help but feel sad to see a heart that will not open up to the Spirit. this message changes lives!!! Why is it that we dont listen? I know that in some ways I am no way different from that lady. I still have rooms within my heart that I need to open up, but my invitation to all of you is that you listen. I will do the same. God wants to speak to us. He does it through the scriptures, through prayer, through men and women that have been given the authority to speak in His name. we need to open up to them to let Him in.


Elder Williams

Presenting Elder Fasshauer from Lima, Peru.

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