Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

December 2. 2015 - Conference

Hola familia y amigos,
Sorry about not writing until today. On monday we had a conference with a Setenta ( an Area Seventy) that came to visit, so our p-day was changed to Wednesday. There a million things that have happened so let me try to explain them.
Last week we went to go and play soccer with the zone, but we got lost and couldn't find the chapel where they were playing so we spent our p-day walking around in the sun. Lame.
On Tuesday I was in an interchange with Elder Da Rosa. He is from my group so it was cool to catch up with him. We taught R that night and we invited Hermano Francisco to come with us. We taught R the law of chastity. He felt bad because he didnt know it was a sin, and he wants to change. Hermano Francisco gave an awesome experience about how the law of chastity has blessed his family, and how now he is sealed with his family.  It was an awesome lesson!
On Wednesday, there was a meeting for all of the district leaders. I went, and we all brainstormed ways to have more baptisms in the mission. A lot of companionships are really struggling with the fundamentals of missionary work (contacts, studies. baptismal invitations). We talked about  a lot of good ideas, and part of the conference was when President released a missionary from one of the branches from his district in front of our eyes. It was like a public execution.
On Thursday we went and taught J . We invited a young man from the ward to come with us. It was a nice lesson, and  is progressing really well. Her dad didnt let her go to church last week, but it looks like this week, she`ll be coming!
On Friday we had district class. It was the day after Thanksgiving so I bought a cake that we all shared as a district. That night I got to give my first baptismal interview. The zone leaders had a baptism, so I came to do the interview. The investigator, Lenin was really prepared and did really well.
On Saturday we found a ton of people. We did come contacts and every other one we found people to teach. We found a young Peruvian man who named Juan Carlos who seems really promising. We also found a family that seem pretty receptive to us, but they are going to have to change a lot of things.
On Sunday we had very little people at church, but Pilar came!!!!! She is an investigator that has never come, but she made it and she liked the church.  All of the talks were about tithing so there are a couple of doubts we have to go over with her, but we were so happy to see her that while I was playing the sacrament hymn when she came in I kept messing up because I couldnt stay focused.
We taught M Sunday night. He is a former investigator who has gone to church about 20 times, but doesn't want to get baptized. Elder Hicks dropped him before I got to the sector, but we stopped by to get to know him, and he seems nice. He was talking a lot, and we couldnt get a word in, but when we testified of the love we have for him and how much God loves him, and the Spirit entered the room, he started to listen. The Spirit`s good at getting people to listen.
On Monday we had a conference with Elder Krasnoselsky from Argentina. He gavve an awesome talk about wanting success. Iif the mission is going to baptize more we need to want to baptize and ask God to give us the chance to do it, and then do it. I learned a ton, but that was the highlight.
That night we had a family home evening with a less active family and a non member. We just asked them the following questions "why did you join the church" and "why do you believe in Christ". Every one finished crying and the Spirit was way strong. Questions are super powerful.
Yesterday we taught P, and it was such a spiritual experience. When Elder Fasshauer shared his testimony of the Book of Mormon he cried. HE NEVER DOES THAT! It was incredible and we are looking forward to the answer that Pilar is going to receive when she asks God (she committed to doing it last night).
That`s pretty much it for this week. Sorry for the delay in sending out my email. I am thankful for all of your prayers that are coming my way. I feel them. I really do. I know that this is Christ`s church. I know that my calling is a calling of power and consecration. I am changing every day here in the mission to become every day more a representative of Jesus Christ.
Elder Williams

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