Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

December 21, 2015 - Tarantula Hunter

hola familia y amigos,

en esta semana muchas cosas pasaron.

On Tuesday, we taught J and a friend of hers. Her friend´s name is A. She was wearing black clothes and she had black makeup but she was really nice, and told us that she remembers giving a drawing she made to a missionary. She heard our message and she really liked it, so we are going to pass her on to the other missionaries in our zone to see how she does.

On Wednesday we taught Pilar with Brother Cabezas from the ward. Pilar is a reading machine. For some reason the investiagors always love to read the book  Gospel Principles, and she has been reading that and the Book of Mormon non stop. We taught her the Plan of Salvation this week and we put her with a baptismal date for January.

On Thursday, we did an exchange with the zone leaders. Elder Huarca was just made third companion to the zone leaders because of wierd special changes in another zone, so Elder Huarca went with Elder Fasshauer and I went with the zone leaders to their sector. We did a lot of walking, but we got teach with a young man who just got his mission call to Antofaghasta Chile. It was cool to be able to work with Elder Huber and Elder da Rosa. They get along really well, and they find the way to enjoy the work that we do even if there aren't immediate fruits.

On Friday Elder Huarca and Elder Fasshauer had to go to the temple (it's what all the old missionaries do before they leave), so I was with the zone leaders teaching in my sector. We taught M and D. They are a young family that is really receptive. The dad is a rapper (regatonero) so he has a couple of life style things that he might have to change, but they are a really nice family.
Elder Fasshauer pretending to eat Pilar's kitten

Elder Fasshauer got back and we went to our ward Christmas party. Pilar came. There were invitations to Robinson and Philosiane and Julio, but they didnt show up. It was a lot of fun, and we got to share the Church´s "A Savior Has Been Born" video with the whole ward and invite them to share it with their friends. Internet hasn't made it into all of the homes of the members in this ward, but we know that some will be able to do it.
Ward Christmas party.

On Saturday we found some new people. We found Yiseña. She said that she doesnt believe in Jesus Christ, but the Book of Mormon sounded interesting to her. She doesnt believe in the Bible or in prophets, but she said she would read to Book of Mormon to see what it has inside. I'm ok with that! I trust in that book!

On Sunday, Pilar, Robinson, and Philosiane came to church, but Julio didnt come! We got to teach Robinson that night. We taught him the 10 Commandments. We've been really working hard so Robinson could get baptized this change, but his boss has him working a lot (because they really exploit immigrants here) so we haven´t been able to teach him as much as we wanted. He is progressing well, and maybe its better that he has more time to really savour what it is that we are teaching him.

This morning, we went with Mauricio to go hunt tarantulas. It was a lot of fun, and now we are going to have a bbq with the zone leaders because it is Elder Fasshauer´s last pday!
One of the tarantulas from the hunt!

I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. I know that what happened 2015 years ago is something that can change our lives today. I know Christ lives. I know that because when people sing His name and of His birth, I feel something different. 


Elder Williams

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