Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

August 3, 2015 - Sick Sick Sick

Hola familia y amigos,

This week was a little disappointing because I got sick on Wednesday, so we didn't get to work as much as we wanted to, but we did do some awesome things.

On Tuesday we started Rapanui classes. T´s aunt is teaching us how to speak Rapanui. It is going ok. The language is a lot different than Spanish and English, but we are making progress. Some basic phrases are maururu (thank you) iorana (hello) and kakai (comer). I´ll try to include more Rapanui in later letters.

On Tuesday we also started a fast. President Videla asked that we fast for the missionaries that are sick in the mission. I started the fast Tuesday afternoon and woke up on Wednesday morning feeling sick. Not sure how it happened like that, but it did happen.

We talked with L on Tuesday, he asked us to help look for a ring so he can propose to his girlfriend that lives with him. We were excited when we heard that! It's a big step for him, so he can get closer to baptism.

On Thursday, I was feeling sick, but we kept on working because I didn't think it was too bad. We visited with P, the father in law of a less active in our ward. He said he was going to come to the activity we have planned this Saturday. He is the most famous sculptor in the island and he can make a moai in one day!

We visited some members that night to help them with their family history. They were elderly sisters that aren't too technology savvy, so we helped them out with that.

On Friday we visited with J´s brother who lives next door. He is a big fan of marijuana. Marijuana is a huge problem here on the island. We visited with him and his girlfriend. We ate dinner with them (actually, I made them pancakes), and  taught them about the Book of Mormon. C (J's brother) and D (his girlfriend) were really interested in the book, so we are going to follow up with them later.

After that, we had to cover for Elders S and Elder A. They had committed to making brownies for a couple of investigators in our sector, but they had another commitment, so we made brownies for them. It wasn't the best idea because I was feeling really sick, and I had to wash my hands 20 times because I was constantly having to blow my nose. They gave me a hospital mask to help.

On Saturday, all of my running around and working caught up to me, and we called the mission nurse and she told me to stay in bed. I probably slept close to 15 hours that day.

That night, I felt an impression to call L, and when I called him, he said he was going to the hospital. We live in front of the hospital, so when he came out we talked with him on our porch. he said he had a big fight with his girlfriend and that he might break up with her. He was feeling really stressed, so he went to the hospital to see if they could help. We aren't too sure what is to become of L and M. Pray for them please.

Yesterday, we were knocking doors the whole day. we found some nice people, but there is nothing major to report. We are excited for this week. We have the family history activity planned, and there is still a lot to be done before this Saturday, so please pray for us!

I just want to finish with my testimony. I know that this is the church of Jesus Christ, and I know it because the Spirit of God has told me. It is only through the Spirit that we can know the truth of all things. The gift of the Holy Ghost is the most important thing I have received. It is what I hold most precious.


Elder Williams

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