Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile

Monday, July 28, 2014


hola Familia y amigos,

please be patient with me because I am typing at a really old computer that is diferent than the usual one and the keyboar is really sticky. also, there were some change made in the mission schedule. we now only have an hour to write families and the presidet and other things, so the emails might be shorter.

Also.....BIG SHOUT OUT TO MELANIE. she enters the MTC this week in Mexico, and then she is off to Chile! I am so proud of my twin sister!!!!

The mission is so exciting. this week we had two baptisms. Luis y Carolina. I wish you all could have seen the change in Luis before and after his baptism. He was so nervous and anxious beforehand, but after the baptism when he came up out of the water, with his wet, white shirt revealing the tatoos he had on his chest, he was all smiles. A lot of people say God is a God of miracles, and that is true, but the miracles now are people. People do change when they let Christ into their lives.

in addition to the changes in the schedule, we now wake up at 630 instead of 730. also, we can now eat once (dinner) with the members. usually in the morning we eat eggs and cereal on our own. later the members here always provide us with lunch. we eat with them in their houses. usually we don´t eat dinner, but now it is in our schedule to do so.

The other day we were eating lunch with a member of our ward, and I guess that recently their son had watched a movie from the states or had tlked with a friend who had seen a movie because when we were there he walked into the kitchen and droppe the F bomb 3 times. he was only 7, and he didn´t know what it meant, but it was so out of the blue that my companion and I had to laugh.

on Wednesday, we had interviews with the president. the thing you need to understand about president Videla is that he is so laid back. the interview was solely to get to know the elders. the next day we were at a nother meeting with him, and he gave his car keys to Elder Boelter to move his car in case the peron behind him needed to move.

on Thursday we had a lesson with Lorena. Lorena is so awesome. here in Chile, when you are greeted by a woman older than 40 she will call you 4 baby names in a row (like hola mi amor hijos chicios lindos) and then they will offer you jugito. we were in a lesson with her and it was going really well. she then asked us about the bishop from our church. we explained that he was not paid for his service. she then asked, ¨well it says in the bible that we need to pay tithes and offerings, so where do your tithes and offerings go¨? we explained that we do pay tithes and offerings that go to things like builing chapels and temples, and she said oh ok im glad you guys pay tithing. my companion and I were thinking WHAT? when has there ever been an investigator that looks for a church with tithing. Lorena went to church this week, and really enjoyed it.

that´s all I hae time for folks. thank you for your prayers!


Elder Williams

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  1. So happy for you Elder W! What an experience with Lorena!
    we made it to Melanie's open house but missed hearing her speak. Wish we had seen you before you left but will enjoy following your bog.
    Aunt Chris