Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile

Friday, July 11, 2014

Happy Independence Day?

hola famila y amigos

first off shout out to a couple of birthdays. primero, America. Segundo, mi padre! Happy Birthday Ken Williams! this week was a lot of fun. today I celebrate two months in the mission field. It boggles my mind to think I've been here 60 days!

on Tuesday last week, we had the awesome opportunity to meet our new mission president at a zone conference. President Videla es de Chile, and he grew up near the area I am currently serving. he is a convert to the church. He is very funny and his wife, Hermana Videla is as sweet as could be. 

The next day was a lot of fun too. We were visiting a member's house and there is this dog that lives in the street named Choro. He loves to play with missionaries, but I made the mistake of petting him, and he followed me around the street biting my coat, getting it all dirty, and smelling like dog. It was a pretty funny sight to see me try to run away from him (which only provoked him to bother me more). That same day we were walking in the street and said hola to a man walking in the street. he replied "Hey What's up" in a boston accent. we talked with him. he had lived all over the U.S. during his life, and it was crazy because he was also participating with Ramadaam. An Islamic American in Chile, that was crazy! what was even crazier was inviting him to hear more about our message in english.

On Friday it was the fourth of July...and nothing happened here. its actually kind of cold here, so sometimes I forget that its summer in the U.S. I read the scriptures in English for a minute to celebrate. That night we had a Noche de Hogar (Family home evening) with tons of people from church and a ton of people who are investigating the church. I made cookies (from a mix) and the people at the Noche de hogar thought they were the coolest things ever! ( I didnt tell them they were from a mix until later). the Noche de Hogar was at the house of Luis y Carolina. they have been meeting with missionaries for 15 years. They are recently married and they are scheduled to be baptized later this month! 

That same day we stopped by the house of a person we had contacted in the street. when he opened the door he said "Ive been waiting for you"! we had set up an appointment with him for the day before, but something had come up and we weren't able to meet with him. He had been waiting to meet with us with his mother so we could teach him. I felt terrible. he still let us in and was really nice about it. I hope we don't take our appointments lightly like that again. about 8 out of 10 appointments our investigators forget we are going to stop by, and we assumed that would be the case for him. We were wrong. you learn that as a missionary a lot. Missionaries are not perfect, and need to repent too.

On Saturday we got lunch in the Ferria! the Ferria is kind of like a traveling farmers market. it is so beautiful with people selling everything in the street from frank sinatra CDs to futbol jerseys to lettuce. it was a sunny day and really beautiful.

I really am beginning to love this country.  the people are amazing and the gospel is true!


Elder Williams

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