Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Chile perdio!

hola familia y amigos!

This has been a sad week for Chile. Chile lost to Brazil and is done with mundial. We could see it in the eyes of the chilenos that they were crushed on Saturday. there were a lot of limp chilean flags, and smudged face paint that day.

other than that it was an awesome week! this week we got a new mission president in the mission! his name is elder Videla. he is the first Chilean mission president in our missions history. I have not yet met him but Ive heard great things about him. 

lots of you have asked about how the language is coming a long. it is coming a long slowly. the people here love to ask me the same question and every time I give the same answer: Mejor que ayer (Better than yesterday). thats just kind of a theme from the mission in general. just do better than you did yesterday.

Yesterday was a good day. We had ward conference yesterday where the stake president spoke. he talked a lot about love. this Gospel this Church is built upon love. God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son. Im getting to know the members better. 

We had a Noche de Hogar as a ward. that had me get up in front of everyone and sing a nursery rhyme in espaƱol. it was difficult because una hermana was teaching me while I was singing it with her. it was crazy,but the ward liked it.

I got to sing on Sunday with a choir from the ward. we sang dont forget to pray. prayer is way important on the mission. many times the only thing you can do for the people is pray for them. There was an hermana, the wife of a recent convert who had been really sick the whole week. She was asking questions to my companion about her doubts and her concerns. I couldnt understand her, and it was frustrating because I couldnt identify her needs to help her. for the rest of that lesson I was praying for her. We always need to have a prayer in our hearts. 

right now I dont have a camera cord to transfer photos to the computer, but I think I´ll be buying one today,and Ill start sending photos.

I love being a missionary. the work that we are laboring in is bringing souls to Christ. Our work is people and sharing with them the ability to return to live with their Father in Heaven forever with their families. I am so thankful for my savior Jesucristo. I may not speak the language well, I may get lost in the streets of Quinta Normal everyday, but I know that my Savior lives!


Elder Williams

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