Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile

Monday, August 18, 2014

It's getting hotter

Hola familia y amigos,

I hope you are all doing really awesome! shout out to Evan and Lizzie On Their anneversary! 

This week WAS crazy. Elder Boelter Went home this past monday so I Was in load of the sector Abebooks web have. This has-been the hardest week of my life. my companion elder Munoz has-been Heavily Involved in my survival this week. he is from Chile and Does not speak much English, drank His goofy personality and patience, is just what I needed.   

It Was weird at first to stop by the houses of our investigators sans Elder Boelter, it felt like someone WAS missing becuase Elder Boelter HAS Such an awesome personality and present, people are thankfully goal inside letting us Their homes.

Because elder Munoz is new here in this sector, I Was in burden of getting us from house to house to the chapel to the grocery store to our apartment in one piece. I got lost only 2 times, so I'm going to call That a win.

this week aussi WAS pretty rough with our lessons. ; many of our investigators Were Either sick, out of town, or nowhere to Be Found. We were walking in the street a lot, and I felt like We Were not really helping the kingdom a lot. I want to share a story about how though the Lord works in mysterious ways. We Were in the southern portion of our sector on Tuesday and stopped by We had 4 or 5 houses and HAD beens not reliable to teach a lesson. I felt terrible. We Were stopping by to see if door Reviews another person WAS the home When We Heard someone scream "Elderes!" we turned around and saw one of the miembros from our ward That Was try trying to carry her daughter to her house agatha All which WAS 2 or 3 blocks away. Agatha WAS standing goal unresponsive and having trouble breathing WAS. Quickly we ran over and Agatha Helped carry to the house and Then We left thinking "That Was really wierd." A couple days later we Passed by to see how That House WAS doing the family, and the mom Told us "I am so thankful for you two. praying to god I Was That Would he send me someone to help me carry my daughter to the Then I saw house and you two around the corner. "  

To me it is evidence That There is more to being white a missionary than just numbers. We had-been walking in the street for hours with a lesson, and Because Of Abebooks web Were reliable phrasal preposition the right time in the right place to help this hermana and her daughter.

This week has-been the hardest of my life, I have never seen aim So Many miracles. I have Learned what it means clustering to pray this week. I remember walking in the street one day praying to God That Would he bless my companion and I with the Opportunity to share the Gospel. We Were tired and thirsty and HAD Walked a tone already, and when to door we knocked on Reviews another After about 5 HAD That We Were Rejected us ble to teach a lesson.

I will never take lightly the Opportunity to Teach After agian this week. I have Learned this week what my purpose as a missionary is. Focused as we are missionaries in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Faith, repentance, baptism, the holy ghost, and perservering Until The End. we teach lessons to people so They Can Understand more about this doctrine of Christ, so That They Can develope the faith to follow this pathway to god, the only pathway That Ensures happiness in this life and hope in life after death.

Realization this really hit me when we HAD meeting for all of the new missionaries. this meeting WAS annonc√© to us Wednesday night and it WAS to take up all day Friday . We had tons of appointments HAD Planned for That Day and I remember thinking "what the president is doing. going to teach We Were a tone today." I Know That now our president Videla s'intitule of God. the meeting was exactly what I needed. I Learned a tone, and I got to see my friends from the CCM. I Was Edified so much from His inspiration to Have That meeting at That Time.   

Thank you all so much for your prayers, your emails and your faith in our Savior Jesus Christ


Elder Williams

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