Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile

Monday, August 11, 2014

Gone Gone Gone

hola familia y amigos

this week has been absolutely crazy. this is the week of cambios where companions change to different parts of the mission. I am staying here in Quinta Normal. Elder Boelter left (Ill talk about that in a little bit), and I received a new companion. His name is Elder Munoz. he is chileno which is awesome. this will give me a ton of practice with my spanish. he is from a city that lies in the mission santiago west so he is actually serving pretty close to home. he is very funny. every missionary that knows him loves him. 

Im going to start at the beginning of the week. in order to train me better Elder Boleter put me in charge of the cell phone this week. Im not going to lie. it is so hard to talk to Chileans. it is even harder to talk to them by telephone when you are walking briskly by a busy highway. There are some telephone calls where I answer talk for 2 minutes and then I hang up and elder boelter asks me "what did they want". usually I respond "I have no idea but they said ok todo esta bien when they finished so I think the problem was resolved".

A mission is a lot of fun, but it is also really hard. I keep on thinking about how a sword is made. the blacksmith has a giant hammer and anvil and he sticks the steel in really hot fire and hits the sword a ton. i Think it has something to do with getting rid of impurities or something like that. I feel like I am sword in the making. Im in hot fire, and Im getting hit a lot by big hammer. but hey, one day Ill be able to pierce people with the spirit of the Lord!

Wednesday we had lunch with la hermana feli. she works at a restaurant so she is a really good cook. we stopped by her house to get the lunch, and we ate a ton. we were stuffed. we then got a phone call from la hermana Abarca. she said that we were scheduled to eat lunch at her house that day. she said that the food was getting cold and that she had prepared it especially for us. she also sounded a little angry with us. if there is one thing missionaries do not want, it is members that are angry with them. we told her that we would come and eat. We had to eat two lunches and Elder Boelter didn't have room in his stomach to do it. I had finished all of my Lentejas and he still had half of his giant plate to go. Aqui in Chile if you don't eat all of the food they give you its rude. I was so full, but Elder Boelter was worse off. that was when I got the idea to ask the hermana to please bring us more tomatos. she did it, and when she left the kitchen Elder Boelter scooped his food on my plate so I could eat it. It was so funny. we were laughing and trying not to throw up, it was hilarious.

Friday, Elder Boelter went to the temple so I was in an intercambio con Elder Nelson. Elder Nelson is from Provo Utah and he is going to be the next assistent to the president. we visited some of his converts when he was here in my sector. we also taught Lorena. Lorena is suffering from a lot of back problems recently and it has been hard to meet with her, but we were able to do it the other day. We found out that her son Camilo who lives in the south of Chile is also going to be living there. Lorena is awesome. She really wants to follow Jesus Christ, and she knows that Baptism is the way to do it.

Firday night we received a third companion. Elder Call was serving in the Robinson Cruso island but he goes home with Elder Boelter, and he needed somewhere to sleep, so he spent time with us. he actually spent two weeks here 6 moths ago in the same sector. he is awesome and really nice. it was fun to be in a trio like back in the old days in the CCM. 

This weekend there were a lot of trunky thoughts. having two missionaries that are finishing their missions at the same time is not easy. it was hard to keep my thoughts focused when we stopped by families from the ward last night to say goodbye. they all said something like "that is so great that you get to see your family again and hug your mom, and hang out with your old friends". I was sitting there thinking "Hey, there are still some of us here that have 1 year and 9 months left!"

I am so glad to be serving a mission here in Chile. I am learning a ton about my Savior Jesus Christ and about his Gospel for all of us.


Elder Williams
almuerzo con la familia estica con Elder Boelter y Elder Call

​clase de distrito!

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