Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile

Sunday, February 14, 2016

February 9, 2016 - Hermana Acevedo

Hola familia y amigos,

This week was a good week, but it was very frustrating and a huge exercise in patience and hope. We had 17 appointments with investigators this week and 14 of them fell through... We walked a lot and contacted a lot and we are working with the members more.

On Tuesday we got to visit Miguel Angel. He is doing really well. He is with goals to receive the Aaronic Priesthood because he never received it after his baptism. He was surprised that he could still receive it. We were able to testify of him of the power of the Atonement. It is true that Christ can forgive us of our sins. That is the miracle of forgiveness. We can always repent, and the most perfect beings in existence can forget that we ever did something wrong.

On Wednesday we were knocking doors and we found a new investigator named Talia. She was really interested in the message of the Restoration. She said that she was looking for a new church, and that she would read the Book of Mormon. She was visiting her friend´s house when we taught her. Her friend wasn't too interested, but Talia said that she wants us to visit again, so we will hopefully see her this Wednesday.

On Thursday, we taught Cristian. He is a friend of a young woman from the ward. He has come to church 3 times. He told us that he wants to make changes in his life. He also said that he was unemployed and he told God that if he found a job, he would investigate the church, and he got a job and now we are working towards baptism with him! 

On Friday, we taught a ton of people at night. We were pulled into the house of two Pentecostals and they talked for a while about the Bible, and then let us speak about prophets for about 30 seconds before interrupting us again. We also taught a man named Gonzalo. He was really nice and interested in the message, but he and about all of the people in our sector leave on vacation this week! I am not kidding. Chile shuts down during February.

On Saturday, we taught the Alberto family again. Pilar came with us. Pilar was born to be a missionary. She testified so well about everything. We have to get her a name tag that says sister Acevedo. She said "at first I wasn't sure about the Book of Mormon and about God answering us, but then I read it and I prayed and I know it is not a lie. This is true"!

That night we also visited some recent converts. We arrived while they were in the middle of a party and because of what happened there, We need to visit them a ton. Satan works hard with the converts.

On Sunday, there were only 45 people at church. Everyone was on vacation.T hey were so short on people, that Elder Barillas and I had to bless the Sacrament! It was a nice experience. We had 5 investigators at church. The Alberto family, Christian, and the friend of a member came to church! Yes! I love it when the gospel principles class is full.

We taught Christian again that night in the house of the gospel principles teacher. It was a nice lesson, and Sonia, the wife of Mauricio, the teacher, bore her testimony about how she knew the church was true, and how it was hard for her to take the decision to be baptized. The members were testifying well this week.

Yesterday, we had a family home evening with Christian and the Valenzueal Tapia family (EQP) It was a good time, and Christian is making friends with everyone in the ward. We also found a new young couple they are teaching. Bastian and Maria Jose. They lived in Canada for a year and they have a new baby girl. they were very nice and Bastian looks a lot like Phil.

Today we went to go and eat Chinese food with the zone leaders, and my telephone rang. It was Elder Birrell!!!!!!!! It was awesome to hear his voice, and he is doing well. his trainer is Elder Smith. He´s going to be in Zapadores. Elder Smith is from my district in the MTC!! We've got two Bothell boys in the North Mission!!!!

That's it for this week. I learned a lot about patience this week. Sometimes the Lord lets us remember who gives us success. I know that He is the Lord of the vineyard and that this is His work, and He lets me help. I love Him for letting me do that.


Elder Williams

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