Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

January 25, 2016 - Pilar Bautismo

Hola familia y amigos,

This week we are pretty happy because PILAR GOT BAPTIZED!! Whoo!

On Tuesday we got to teach Juliana. She is the mother of the Alberto family. They are the family that came to church last week. We committed her to coming to church again and she said she would. It was a great lesson because it was so simple and she was very willing to obey.

On Wednesday we got to have a worldwide missionary inservice that we had to attend. It was really great! I loved the teachings of Elder Bednar about the Spirit. One of the key things he taught was about how we cannot thrust the Spirit into other people. Instead, by being examples and commitments we need to allow them to invited the Spirit into their own hearts. That's a great teaching.

On Thursday, we found a lot of new people. We contacted into a lady named Roxana. She let us in and when we asked her what she felt like she needed more of in her life she said "I just want peace to come back". We were able to teach the Restoration focusing in that need that she had and she committed to reading the Book of Mormon and praying about it. She was a little iffy about baptism, but she´ll figure out how it helps in the future

We also taught a man named Hector. He is a friend of our ward´s first councilor. He was really touched by what we taught him, and he ended up crying during the last prayer he offered. The Spirit was really strong and we were able to explain to him how he was feeling the Spirit.

On Friday, we got to teach an older man that we contacted the other day.H is name is Luis and he has a very similar story to that of Pilar. He recently recovered from a stroke, he lives alone with a daughter who works all day, and he has white hair. We are hoping that Pilar can help us teach him, so he can see how she could make some changes in her life that he also wants.

On Friday, Pilar passed her baptismal interview!

Also, Friday morning something bad happened: we left in the morning to do our exercises outside and we were running around on a soccer field and Elder Barillas slipped and sprained his ankle. We worked like normal that day, but at night it was really hurting him, so we called Sister Videla and she said that we had to rest in the house!

We spent all of Saturday in the house. Lame. We werent able to communicate with a lot of investigators for church on Sunday, so only Pilar and a young man named Christian came.

On Sunday, Pilar got baptized. She actually arrived late. Everyone else was sitting in the chapel waiting for her when she arrived. We just barely had time to take a couple of pictures. I got to baptize her, and the baptismal water was really hot, so it was like a jacuzi. it was a great service. The ward where I serve doesn't have a baptismal font so we combined with another baptism with the ward Renca 2. It was cool because the young lady that got baptized in Renca 2 was a reference that I sent to them. Julia is a friend of Jecksel and we asked her if she would like a visit from the missionaries and she said ok. And sunday she got baptized. also, President Videla came to the baptism. He spoke and took a couple of pictures as well. He wasnt too happy with Elder Barillas´leg, and now Elder Barillas is walking around in a boot.
Elder William's mission president and his wife with Pilar, Elder Williams and Elder Barillas

Well, it was definitely a highlight of my mission to see the baptism of PĂ­lar. She has come a long way, and made a lot of changes. I testify of the Lord´s power to change people and to heal them. I know that the Atonement is real because it is made manifest by those who become saints through the blood of the Lamb of God


Elder Williams

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