Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile

Monday, September 14, 2015

September 14, 2015 - LOST

 Hola familia y amigos,

This week was definitely an adventure, but then again, every week is an adventure here.

Monday, after I wrote, we went fishing with Ivan and Tonga and all of the family. I had a huge fish on my line, but it broke off, but I landed another one right after. I was the only one that caught something.

Just so you all know, in the mornings we spend a lot of time at the church doing paper work and sending emails to the mission offices in Santiago.There are a million things to do here on the Island, and there is no one else that does them other than the missionaries...we are bishops, secretaries, pianists, choristers, and most importantly MISSIONARIES! but hey, it's fun.

We met a crazy guy on Tuesday. He said he had a two wheeled skateboard that could fly. It's been a while since we've  found a crazy person like that.

On Wednesday we had an awesome lesson with I. We felt impressed to read the story of Enos with him, Because I. has been really trying to get an answer, and while we were reading it we asked him if he had tried kneeling while he was praying. He told us he hadn't. He said he would do it, but we are way excited because I. is really searching and the Spirit is getting to him!!!! YES!!! 

On Thursday we taught M.. It was awesome. We went over the baptismal interview questions, (because she says she isn't ready to get baptized) so we asked her if she believed Joseph Smith was a prophet and she said "I don't know".  That was when we were like-- "there´s your problem" so then she said "I guess I need to study and pray about Joseph Smith". She is so smart!

On Saturday we helped I with a little bit of yard work, and he said he was going to go to church because he hasn't gone in a couple of weeks.

Saturday night we had dinner with C and Cr. They are a new part member family we found. C seems promising to have him back in the church. His wife, Cr is pretty set on being Catholic, but the Spirit is amazing, So it can change people.

On Sunday we had only 15 people at church. Poco. But 5 of them were investigators. That's good for our missionary responsibilities but bad for our bishop responsibilities....

That's pretty much it for this week. We were a little sick this week as well, but we are doing our best. The Island is awesome. I'm not going to lie. There is a lot of temptation here to waste time. It is very difficult, but in our prayers we ask for the Lord to protect us from temptation. We tell Him about our days and what we did, and He tells us what we did well and what we need to change through His Spirit.


Elder Williams

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