Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile

Sunday, June 15, 2014

My last week

hola familia!

It has been another awesome week in the CCM! I have done a lot this week and because of the way my preparation days work out, I wont be able to write a full email for a couple of weeks, but I think I will be able to send a fax of a hand written one next week while I am checking in at the mission office of the Chile Santiago Norte mission! This is my last week in the CCM and I have learned a lot.

we have had the chance to go street contacting a lot this week. It has been a lot of fun talking with people and getting to know them. Its amazing how the gospel of Jesus Christ can help everyone and bring everyone even more happiness to their lives. We got to go out contacting on Saturday and it was raining really hard outside, but we still managed to talk with some people that were huddled under a bustop. 

Sunday was a lot of fun. This is because we got to sit in on the latino meetings. your first four weeks in the CCM, you go to church where your sunday school and priesthood meetings are taught in english, but after those first two weeks, you sit with the latinos in their meetings. That was especially a lot of fun for family home evening that night. there is a tradition in the CCM where on the first sunday the Latinos have in the CCM, the gringos help teach them english. It was the best. for the first time in my CCM experience I felt like a pro at something. 

Yesterday, we did even more street contacting. We got to talk with 3 really cool people. One of them was a student at a nearby University. He was really nice, and said that he had a friend who was Mormon who had already given him a book of Mormon. We also met a student who was from South Korea who also spoke spanish really well. Another person we met was this very nice lady who was taking her baby on a stroll. We talked with her and she said that her baby was a little sick. We told her we would pray for that baby that night, and we truly did. Because we are still in the CCM, we cannot teach these wonderful people in their homes, so instead, we fill out a referral and send it to the church office so other nearby missionaries can teach them the gospel. It is a huge blessing to be in the CCM de Chile because here in Chile we actually do things like street contact. Its the best! by doing it, Ive really discovered how the Lord blesses you with energy as you work. 

As for what happened today, we had a crazy time playing soccer. the park we usually play at has been acting wierd and as a result we have been able to play soccer at your usual spot in a while. I dont know if the change in location (we hav now moved to another nearby field) has made soccer a bit more intense but you can feel something in the air. Today especially, it was Gringos and Brazillians vs. the Latinos, and we won! 

Today was also our preparation day. It was our last preparation day in the CCM, so we had a lot we needed to do. We went and got haircuts, mailed packages, bought ties, obtained dulces from supermarket, and we even had time to stop by the distribution center.

The rest of this week is going to be pretty busy as well. Tomorrow, Elder Lynn G. Robins from the seventy is visiting the CCM. We will get to hear from him for an hour. That will be very exciting because I have heard he is really good at speaking with missionaries. Also, on Thursday we will get to go to the temple for what may be the last time for about a year. On Friday, we get to something really cool. Only the gringos that have been in the CCM for 6 weeks get to do this. we get to go proselyting with missionaries from the Santiago Sur mission. I am so excited!!!!

Sunday and Monday we will have a lot of campo orientation meetings then it will be off to Santiago Norte! If you havent been able to tell yet, I am pretty excited. I have a learned a lot in the CCM. my testimony grows everyday about the importance of this work. I know the Gospel is true and I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is God's true chruch on the earth today.


Elder Williams

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