Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Half way there and living on a prayer

hola familia y amigos
sorry for the Pday changes and the delayed responses to your emails. I'll try to catch up on most of them in the 45 minutes I have. This week is my 3rd in the MTC so I am halfway done with the MTC. We learn so many awesome things here, and the members of my district are awesome. I couldn't survive the MTC without them.
last week during Pday, we were able to stop by Mcdonalds, and that was a great experience. Elder stephens was very happy we got to go because he loves Mcdonalds. I am so thankful for my trio companions elder swan and elder stephens. I needed to learn a ton of things from them before I go out into the field.
Soccer has been more difficult recently with the latinos joining us. an elder from Brazil that played on the youth brazil team and an elder from argentina who also played on a pro team are both at the MTC. apparently, brazil and argentina don't get along too well in soccer, so the games have become a little more intense.
Some fully trained missionaries that were serving in Rancagua are visiting the MTC this week to get some medical tests. its cool to hear from them about what the mission field in Chile is like. they are very nice elders.
on domingo, we had church and sundays are the best at the MTC because we don't have class. we get to listen to broadcasted devocionals from the Provo MTC and they are awesome. we also get to have FHE every other sunday night. after it, herman Doll makes us cookies!
on monday it was so cute. me and my companions were walking back from class to our room. missionaries live on the third floor of this building and chileans that are visiting the temple from far away stay in the bottom two floors. we like to attempt to communicate with them. when we were walking up the stairs to our room, we saw this mother holding the hand of this cute little girl who was trying to hop her way down the steps which were about a third of her height. when she looked up and saw us she said "los misioneros"! it was so cute, and my companionship realized that we are now missionaries, the same missionaries that I looked up to when I was little and wanted to be. it is such an honor being a missionary.
Today was another pday. we walked to a new mall, and while we were in a shop so elder Stephens could get a futbol jersey, I was talking with a man who was working there. when we were planning our day out last night, I really wanted to place a book of Mormon. I grabbed one before we left for the city, and when I was in the soccer store the worker there asked "why are you all named elder". I took that as a signal. he was really nice and he said he loved Jesus Christ, so I handed him the book of mormon: another testament of Jesus Christ. we got his number as well to follow up. it was really cool!
I want to keep this email pretty short because there are a lot of emails I need to respond to.

Elder Williams
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